Steps Is the New Me: New Runtastic Step Tracking App

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It’s time to move towards a healthier you one step at a time! Introducing the newest app to our portfolio, Runtastic Steps. Now, this isn’t a new app per se, it’s actually the result of a facelift we gave to our Me app. So for those of you who already have the Me app, be sure you have the most recent update in order to access Steps on both iOS and Android.




The power of walking for weight loss

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you’re not going to stay where you are.” – Unknown

The benefits of walking are truly outstanding and the perfect solution for those of you who aren’t ready to head out for your first run or bodyweight training workout…yet! In fact, walking is so incredible we’ve created a 12-week training plan directly inside the app to help you do exactly that – walk your way to weight loss!


A combination of daily steps and active minutes goals (plus rest days!) will help you push your limits and go a little bit further day by day, week by week. The Walking for Weight Loss plan is dynamic and will adjust based on how easy or difficult it is for you to reach your daily goal and is available exclusively to Premium Members.

EVERYONE can live a healthier life

We wanted to have an app in our portfolio that was dedicated specifically to passive step tracking. What does this mean? It means you don’t have to even open up the app or press a start button in order for your steps to be tracked. All you have to do is get moving, and Steps will do the rest.

If you were to ask someone how many steps they walk per day on average, they probably wouldn’t have a clue. And that’s precisely why step tracking is so important – awareness! We want to push you guys (our users) to be more interested in your daily habits and try to make small adjustments throughout the day that will add up to big gains: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going for a walk during your break instead of sitting in the break room or getting off the bus a couple stops earlier and walking the remaining distance to your destination. One might know how many push-ups they can do in a minute or how heavy they can squat, but what good is that if you’re spending the rest of your day sitting on your butt not moving very much? Seeing the bigger picture? Moving more goes for ALL fitness levels!

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Set your goal and get to it!

By default, if you’re not using the Walking for Weight Loss plan, your daily step goal is set to 8,000 steps. However, you can always adjust this goal in the “Profile” tab if you want to, for example, give the daily 10,000 steps recommended by The World Health Organization a go.

In the “Activity” tab is where you can find your daily steps, distance covered, calories burned as well as active minutes at a glance! And in case you’re wondering, the activities tracked with your Runtastic apps, in combination with brisk walking, will contribute to your Active Minutes total. Plus, you can engage in a little competition with your friends to see who can reach the most weekly or monthly steps via the Steps Leaderboard found in the “Progress” tab! A little extra push to get walking never hurt anybody.

So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to download the Runtastic Steps app today and get moving. Start right where you are, and you’re sure to make daily progress!



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