Pushing the Limit: When it starts to hurt, you’re just getting started!

Runtastic Team Faces “Day of Truth” at Braveheart Battle 2014

A core component of the Runtastic mission and vision is to make the world a healthier, better place. One user at a time, one kilometer at a time and one changed lifestyle at a time.  But, we know that’s not enough.  Health and fitness are important, but there are also other large, looming issues in the world that demand our attention and action. Our reach and influence has grown in recent years, and for that reason we’re always looking for new ways to drive and effect positive change.

In an effort to “lead by example” in 2014, a team of six dedicated Runtastic team members have opted to participate in the Braveheart Battle – an extreme running event which challenges the most wild sportsmen and women out there and raises philanthropic funds – on March 8.  This means daily training of all kinds for our crazy colleagues – distance running, interval workouts, weight lifting, circuits & more – to prepare for 28+ kilometers of rough terrain, plus natural and manmade obstacles!

Runtastic Bravehearts

And their preparation hasn’t only been physical!  They’ve also elected to support the Bravehearts Charity with their run on March 8, and therefore set up an easy-to-use fundraising page on Ammado.com to garner support and funds!  Not familiar with this platform?  Ammado provides a convenient tool for those looking to raise funds for their favorite cause, offering not only the platform for an exchange of funds (we all know people are more likely to do something when it’s simple, straightforward and transparent!) but also a space for fundraisers to tell their stories, connect with like minded people and become heroes!

We spoke with Runtastic participant Thomas Auinger, Community & Media Management on our team, to learn more about what the guys have been up to since late last year and his answers blew us away!  Tom let us know that the Runtastic Bravehearts have completed the following in the past three months:

·  415 training hours

·  242,000 calories burned

·  1,225 km ran

·  18,140 meters of elevation climbed

Of course, all tracked and monitored using the adidas Running app.  And they’ve still got one more week to go!

Once the whole team caught wind of their daring adventure and impressive efforts, we knew we had to do all we could to support them. We provide support in the office, liked their Facebook page and, of course, donated to the Ammado fundraising page to try and boost the philanthropic impact of their incredible efforts! Click HERE to view the page and show your support.


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