Do These 5 Quick Workouts While You’re on Vacation

Young women ties her running shoes

Do you have plans for a vacation this summer? It’s so nice to get away, unwind and explore a bit, right? While a lot of hotels these days do have gyms, you don’t need a gym in order to work out on vacation. There are plenty of workouts you can do anywhere, and I am going to share 5 of my favorites with you.

Workout you can do everywhere

1. Workout Creator in the Results app

This new feature is really the perfect solution to workout anywhere. All you have to do is select the muscle group you want to train, the duration and start your workout! It’s that easy. Get a new, fresh (and sweaty!) workout anytime you want. If you haven’t already, be sure to download the Results app for on-the-go workouts right at your fingertips!

Runtastic Results Download Badge

2. 30-minute fat-burning interval workout

You can do this workout with me right in your hotel room! You don’t need any equipment, only your own bodyweight. This is the perfect workout to burn off those extra calories from food and wine you might have enjoyed the night before.

3. Beginner HIIT workout

Whether you’re new to HIIT, or want something a bit more low-impact, this is the perfect HIIT workout for you.

4. Lace up your shoes and run

We know you guys love to run – I do too! It’s the perfect way to explore your location and get in a sweaty workout at the same time. Nothing beats running on the beach, breathing in the fresh air and getting a bit of a sun tan at the same time. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen (and perhaps a hat to protect your skin from the sun) and to track your run with your Runtastic app. It’s a lot of fun to look back at your maps from the places you’ve traveled and gone for a run.

5. 15-minute sexy bikini abs workout

Quick core workouts are what you’re after? Perfect, this is just the workout for you! Or, perhaps you can do this after your run to go the extra mile.

What’s your favorite way to workout while on vacation? Let us know how you like to sweat in the comments below.


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