Your Best Race And Pace 2015 Recap

The end of our 15-week series “Run Your Best Race And Pace” is just the beginning – the beginning of your best running season ever. As an avid runner, these questions may sound familiar to you: “What things should I not forget on race day? Is there the perfect runner’s breakfast? How can I strengthen my feet? What can I do to avoid a side stitch?”

We not only have the answers to these questions, but also detailed information on all of these topics. Learn if you can improve your pace through nutrition or cross training, how you can prepare mentally for a marathon or what to eat 1 week before the run and how to avoid a side stitch.

Runtastic best race

Did you already register for your next running event or do you want to become a more effective and efficient runner? Then you will definitely find some useful tips in our 15-week blog series. How about:

5 Workouts For Strong & Stable Feet

Tapering To Improve Performance

Equipment Check For Race Day

Feeling Sore? Try Foam Rolling & Stretching

Your Perfect Race Day Nutrition Plan

No matter if you’re a beginner or a professional athlete – we wish you all the best for this running season!



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