Reach Your Goals & Transformation By Documenting Yourself

Every day we push ourselves in many aspects of our lives. At school and at work we strive to give our best but, many times, it tends to come at the cost of our personal health and fitness. We eat a quick but unhealthy lunch, do not take the time to cook a proper evening meal or even prep a proper breakfast in advanced.

The same goes for exercise. We all of us know the feeling of coming home after working and throwing oneself on the couch with a big sigh of relief, putting the notebook or tablet on our lap and opening up YouTube to watch someone base jump off a tall building using a GoPro, or turn to Facebook to read about a friends first 10K run with Runtastic.

Oh the Irony
One has to appreciate the slight irony, as we are so engulfed in our daily trot but still watch other people doing (extreme) sports and being active from the comfort of our couch at the end of the day. Yet, there is a very simple solution: instead of taking the time to watch others, you should become the watched one instead.


Put yourself out there
There is a simple way of pushing yourself to transform your body or to reach your goals: allow others to see where you are and experience your successes and failure as you progress towards your goal. Track your progress using apps like Runtastic and devices like the Runtastic Orbit and share it with friends and family on social media. This works great as a first initial execution of your plans, and you can also track yourself with pictures and video to keep yourself accountable and on track. You can also grab a GoPro and start filming your activities without putting yourself in the spotlight, while still getting immediate & positive feedback from those who you trust the most. This is not only an incredibly motivating factor, but also creates accountability – much like a running group, who would question why you did not show up for 2 weeks, for example.

You may have heard of Oklahoma City, which was named one of the most unhealthy cities in the US in 2010 by the ACSM report that is part of the American Fitness Index program. With a population of just over half a million, the Mayor had a radical idea: make the city lose 1 million pounds collectively. With the city being put in the spotlight, the pressure was on and motivation peaked. Everyone in the city, who was overweight, felt that he/she was part of the problem – but also part of the solution. In the end, the city managed to shed over 1 million pounds and kept the momentum going to keep it off after reaching this goal.

Keep the ball rolling
Now, that the cat is out of the bag and everyone knows what your aim is, it is incredibly vital to keep things fun. You will end up falling back into your old ways if you perceive your exercise to be tedious and boring. Want to go for a run again, but it is raining? Who cares! Put on some proper clothes, your running shoes, grab your phone, start the Runtastic app, turn on LIVE Tracking, strap on a GoPro and record yourself running as the rain is pouring down – all that while having a big smile on your face.

In the end, it is not only the final results that matter but the transforming journey and the memories as well. There is a reason some climb the tallest skyscrapers and base jump off them – it’s all about the experience and personal transformation. That means setting goals, making the most of them and living a long & healthy life!

So, grab your bike, download the Runtastic App and try your hand at downhill biking, the Leg Trainer app to shape up your legs or do virtually any other type of activity thanks to our vast range of apps.


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