Yes, You Can Reach Your Goals For 2015

Runtastic Florian Gschwandtner

Merriam-Webster defines success as the correct or desired result of an attempt. There are two components to success: willpower  and strategy. Today, our experts will share thier personal strategies with you that have helped them obtain the results they desire.

Runtastic CEO, Florian, unveils his methods for business success, Runtastic Dietitian Vera shares her recipe for good health and Runtastic Fitness Coach Lunden reveals her personal tactics to achieve a fit lifestyle that lasts.
Be proactive, fit & healthy this year with these tips for a successful 2015!

Flo’s Business Tips


Work Smarter, Not Harder
Having a full calendar and a million to-do’s doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on the path to success. Make sure you’ve got a plan and priorities. Surround yourself with motivated, dynamic people – especially those who can complement your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t let things like an exploding inbox deter you from being efficient. Plan your days, focus on the important stuff and commit your energies to efforts that are well-aligned with your strategy, roadmap, etc. This also means knowing how and when to say “No.”

Strive for Healthy Balance
Work, ambition and success are important – but they’re not everything! Always make time for sleep, exercise, eating well and taking care of yourself. If you’re not at your best, you certainly can’t be giving your best when it comes to your professional life. All of this being said, everyone is different, so test out small changes for optimizing your unique lifestyle & preferences. Try exercising at different times of day (with different people) and see what sticks. Or make small tweaks to your diet or sleeping behaviors to see if you can establish new healthy habits – no matter how large or small!

Prioritize Time to Recharge
Plan your leisure time in advance. Just like you schedule business meetings and conferences months ahead of time, “book” time for travel plans, family and friends, your favorite hobbies and so on. Put these things on your calendar so that you can’t make excuses. Say no to opportunities that pop up on days that you’ve already “booked.” Why? Because you don’t have time. What are the things you love? The places you’ve been wanting to see? The new stuff you’ve been dying to try? These activities and adventures should be a priority – not an afterthought.

Vera’s Health Tips


Strong & specific: Set Goals in Numbers
A sailor without destination cannot hope for a favorable wind. What do you want to change? “Eat healthier” or “exercise more” is not a goal. Having three portions of veggies or taking 10,000 steps each day, is. Losing weight is not a good resolution, either. “I want to lose two pounds by the end of the month” is a better one. The stronger your goal setting, the easier it is to plan specific steps towards your goal. Think about what could (and will) steer you off the right path towards your goal beforehand and try to come up with strategies to prevent this from happening. This way, excuses stand no chance.

Draw New Motivation Daily
Motivation doesn’t last long. Brushing your teeth doesn’t either. This is why we should repeat it on a daily basis. There are two critical moments each day when it comes to reaching or failing your goals – after getting up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening. By repeating your resolutions in these moments, by taking a couple minutes to think about them, by imagining how great you’ll feel after having reached your goal – you can program your subconscious. Go over your day mentally every morning. If you want to achieve a balanced diet, plan what you will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This way, you can avoid ending up in a fast food place, ravenous, at 12 p.m. Hunger is never a good advisor. Studies have shown that we’re better at keeping our resolutions when planning everything out instead of making spontaneous decisions.

Repeat your resolutions every morning and evening. Why not while brushing your teeth?

Remember: Little Bits Add Up
How familiar is this behavior of those who want to shed a few pounds? When out for dinner, they choose the chicken salad (without dressing), a calorie-free drink and never get dessert. The next time you see them, they’ve abandoned their plans and suggest an all-you-can-eat buffet. Hello, yo-yo effect. I’d recommend the following alternative: Eat what you like DESPITE your weight loss plans but, take it down a notch when possible. You always have a choice: Latte vs. coffee with a dash of milk; creamy soup vs. minestrone; lasagna vs. tortellini with tomato sauce; brownie with whipped cream vs. apple pie. By choosing the lighter version, you can easily save about 650 calories (without starving or making big sacrifices). Best part: You can enjoy that delicious Tiramisu at the next birthday party. Every little bit – no matter if its fewer calories or more exercise – counts.

Lunden’s Fitness Tips


Set Small Goals Constantly
No matter what your fitness level or starting point, you have to have set goals. I have been training hard and eating extremely healthy for 7 years, and it never gets boring or stale because I always have small goals I am trying to achieve. Some personal examples would be: improve flexibility in my spine, hitting 12,000 steps per day everyday and to practice 1:4:2 (inhale:hold:exhale) breathing four times per week. I recently purchased a giant bag of chard, so I set a goal to make as many chard recipes as I possibly could in one week. The more goals you achieve, no matter the calibre, the more accomplished you will feel and more motivated you will become.

Compete with Yourself
Comparing yourself to others is one of the biggest wastes of time. It’s so much better if you can just focus on being your best self. I like setting up fitness challenges for myself to monitor personal improvements. I will test myself one day and then retest 1-6 weeks later depending on the challenge. I have found this to be extremely beneficial with clients in the past, as well. How many push-ups can I do in one minute? How fast can I do this particular workout? How many pull-ups can I do in a row? How long can I hold a plank?

Mix Up Your Training Routine
Running, hiking, HIIT, swimming, yoga, spinning, strength training, endurance training, sprints, Pilates, glide training, plyometrics, step aerobics, TRX… I could keep going! The best thing to do in order to stay focused and motivated, while having fun, is to mix things up. I could never do the same training routine week after week – there’s just no way! I love going with friends to new classes or searching for new ideas on other YouTube channels or fitness magazines. There are so many ideas and resources available, I definitely take advantage of them whenever I can.



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