Fit Tips For The New Year: Setting & Reaching Goals

We are officially half way through the first month of 2015 and we hope you haven’t already given up on your fitness & health goals. Make sure you write down your goals, remind yourself of them often and stick to your plan. Mess ups and setbacks will happen but, if you keep your eye on the prize, nothing can stand in your way! Runtastic is proud and excited to be a part of your fit and healthy lifestyle & we promise we will not give up– so neither can you.

Check out this video from Runtastic Fitness Coach Lunden to keep you focused and on track.


Lunden Souza Lunden Souza is an Online Fitness & Lifestyle Transformation Coach. She helps people all over the world create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, so they'll never have to "start over" again! Connect with @lifelikelunden for real-life strategies to get on track for long-term health in both body and mind. View all posts by Lunden Souza