New Feature: Reminisce Your Activities with Relive and Runtastic

Would you like to re-experience amazing runs, bike trips, and hikes? Now you can capture your most memorable moments with Relive and Runtastic: Relive turns your activities into cool, 3D videos including photos, so you can visualize your activities.

How it works:

  1. Track your activities like runs, bike rides, and hikes with the Runtastic app.
  2. Download the free Relive app on your phone. Register or login if you already have an account. Connect your Runtastic account and import your first activity. From now on, all your future Runtastic activities will show up under “activities” in the Relive app ready to be turned into stunning 3D videos.
  3. Customize your activity (add photos, emojis, and notes) and press create. Relive sends you an email or push message on your phone as soon as your personalized video is ready to be viewed and shared.

Good to know:

Relive’s animated 3D maps are not available in the Runtastic app. However, you can share the videos on your social media channels through the Relive app.

Start tracking your activities today with Runtastic and capture your big moments!



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