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Success Story Manja

It’s not always easy to make a decision to change your life in a positive and more fit and healthy way. But, Manja defied all odds and completely transformed her outlook on life and physical appearance with the help of Runtastic.

Now, you might have followed Manja during her 12-week transformation with the Results app on our blog. If so, you might know that she is a busy mom of two, a wife, works full time and has Celiac disease. She had spent most of her life making excuses about her weight, but 2.5 years ago she decided that this wasn’t how she wanted to live anymore. She needed to make changes, grab life by the horns and stop slowly killing herself with unhealthy habits.

Before and after picture of a woman after completing the Runtastic Results training plan.

She had been overweight since she was a teenager and really just felt that this was her body and the way she would always be. She then had two adorable children, gained weight during the pregnancies, and tacked on more body weight after that.

Initially, she started running with the Runtastic app because running just seemed like the logical first step. She could do it anywhere and it was a great opportunity to just go and release a bit of stress. “I remember how excited I was when I was finally able to run 1 kilometer without stopping,” she recalls. Now she is going for 5-10 km runs on a regular basis.

Working out in a gym was not something Manja wanted to do. For those of you who have ever been to the gym, you know it can be a pretty intimidating place especially when you’re not sure which machine does what. Everyone seems to know what he/she is doing and you seem lost – not a good feeling. She knew she needed to do a bit more to get the rest of the weight off, which is why she turned to Runtastic Results. She didn’t need to make special arrangements with her kids in order to have time to go to the gym. She could train from home and get in a great workout. That is what initially sparked her interest and ultimately kept her going strong. She could fulfill her duties at work, as a wife and as a mom and still make time to fit in these bodyweight training workouts – it was like a match made in heaven. She completed the 12-week training plan and then started from the beginning and worked her way through the full 24-week training plan.

Now, Manja…

  • can do regular push-ups.
  • has learned to “tolerate” burpees.
  • loves working out and has made it a part of who she is as a person.
  • is a source of motivation for her family, friends, co-workers and others who have watched her transform right before their very eyes.

In addition to the training, Manja also worked hard to get her eating habits in check! She knew that if she wanted to get long-lasting results, she had to get control of her diet. Finally, she was able to get control of what she was eating instead of letting food control her. What great freedom that brings! She is now passing on this knowledge to her kids (who love to point out the protein, veggies, carbs and healthy fats on their plates at dinner time). Through her newly-found healthy relationship with food, she is able to guide her kids in a healthy way that they find fun.

Manja has lost a little over 32 kg after being overweight nearly her entire life. And when you lose a lot of weight after being overweight for a long time, it’s often the case that the skin has lost its elasticity. In most extreme weight loss cases, there’s no way to make that skin go back to “normal” without surgery. Now, with that being said, some people see the extra skin as a reminder and a sign of a great accomplishment, while others see it as a reminder of a part of their life they want to move beyond… so they decide to get the extra skin removed. No matter the decision, it’s entirely up to the individual!

Before and after picture of a woman after her skin removal surgery.

Manja had surgery to get rid of her extra skin about 7 weeks ago. They removed approximately 1.5 kg of skin from her abdomen. The surgery was a complete success and the recovery process has been ideal. After 5 weeks, she slowly resumed her running routine and it was a pretty emotional experience for her – rightfully so! After 6 weeks of recovery, she started the 12-week Results Training Plan again. This girl is on fire!

Before and after picture of a woman after her skin removal surgery.

She expected the recovery to be a bit more painful, but her only complaint was the itching as the stitches were healing – not too bad! Now she is able to do mountain climbers without hitting the extra skin with her knees – something that really bothered her leading up to her surgery. She has not only lost a bunch of weight, but she has also gained a completely new life and the ability to share experiences with her family and friends that she never would have been able to do had she continued down the path she was on.

As expected, everyone kept asking her about the reaction of her husband. He had always been supportive during the process, but pretty quiet with his opinions. He finally told her, “Even though you have physically gotten smaller, your confidence in being yourself has gotten bigger.” I don’t think we could have said it any better.

“If you want to get fit and healthy, give Runtastic a try, it’s really incredible and worth it,” she advises. “If I can do it, I really think anyone can! I used to hate those people that loved to work out, and now I am one of them. It’s pretty funny.”

Runtastic Results. Time for a transformation!
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