Results Group Berlin: “We Are Stronger Together”

Fitter, stronger and healthier in 12 weeks, all thanks to bodyweight training with the Results app. And because working out with others is more fun, there are numerous Results Groups on Facebook: Like-minded people who compare their progress, encourage each other and meet up to work out together. Like the Results Group Berlin: “We have organized and held three group training sessions this year alone,” said organizer Jenny Werner. “Our group spirit is huge!”

The Berlin Results Group.(Back row from left to right: Björn, guest, Sandra, Jenny, Norbert. Front row: Monique)

Meet the Results Group Berlin

Picture of jenny´s trained body.

Wants to do something good for herself: Jenny, 32 years old
“What I like most about group workouts? The mutual encouragement! Working out together pushes me harder. I have gotten physically and mentally stronger, and feel fitter and more balanced. I like showing that there can be a lot of power in a little woman 😉 For me, Results is highly addictive. I just want to keep going week after week, full power. Seeing how far I have come fills me with pride and satisfaction.”

Björn showing his athletic upper body.

Proud of his results: Björn, 38 years old
“Two and a half years ago, I had a huge spare tire and weighed nearly 100 kg. I knew it couldn’t go on this way, so I changed my diet and began to do sports regularly like running or cycling. Yeah, and at the end of last year, I heard about the Results app. I was really excited – finally a bodyweight training program without equipment! I am still a dedicated Results user and now I can even participate in various running events, which would have been unthinkable before. I can now run a half marathon in 1 hour and 40 minutes. That makes me incredibly proud and hungry for more…”

Picture of Sandra and how her body transformed through the training.

Strengthens herself and her body: Sandra, 36 years old
“First, I started running with the Runtastic app. The possibility to track my activities got me started riding my bike to work, which is now my daily means of transport. I began watching my diet and shed 25 kg. I also started doing bodyweight training: The Results app added consistency to my training. Now I have all the tools I need to keep myself in shape. I like the range of exercise opportunities, as well as the ability to select the level of difficulty within the workouts. Plus, I always do my best when I work out in a group. What’s more, I also get the chance to meet really nice people!”

Christian showing his six-pack.

Feels fitter and healthier: Christian, 33 years old
“I found out about the Results app through the Runtastic app, which I always use when I run. I really like the training because you don’t need any equipment, so you can do it at home anytime you want. Since I started working out with Results, I feel fitter and healthier. Plus, people have started to notice that I look more athletic. My biggest source of motivation is our group because you can check and see what activities other people are doing.”

Monique looks satisfied after her workout.

Pure strength: Monique, 28 years old
“The Results workouts are easy to work into my daily life. When I exercise in a group, the workouts don’t feel as hard as usual 😉 My biggest success is that I have already dropped a pants size. My legs have really been transformed. The same goes for the rest of my body: My arms and back are way more defined. What do I feel when I don’t happen to have sore muscles? Pure strength!”

Norbert showing his athletic body.

Gives it his best Norbert, 27 years old
“No matter where you are, you just open the app and get sweating! I think it’s awesome that no equipment is required. Because I find it hard to train on my own at the moment, I always look forward to our group workouts. Once you’ve finished your individual workout, you can help the others by encouraging and cheering them on. That way everyone gives it their best. And of course you get to meet a lot of nice people.”

Thomas in front of his exercise mat.

Better body awareness: Thomas, 29 years old
“As I spend all my time at work sitting, I exercise with Results to strengthen my back and work off excess energy. I’ve noticed that the workouts have improved my body awareness, strengthened my back and increased my overall physical resilience. The training plan motivates me because it is well-designed, and I don’t have to think about what to train on which day. And I probably would have quit long ago if it weren’t for the Berlin Group workouts.”

Laura who has run her first half-marathon.

Say goodbye to back problems: Laura, 30 years old
“As I spend a lot of time in my car (60,000 km/year), I kept having problems with my back. So I started looking for a way to strengthen it. Then I found Results. I have definitely gotten a lot fitter and feel really strong! It’s a great feeling when you finish the program. You can see the results in the mirror and when you touch your arms, legs or abs, everything is tight and firm. Even when I’m in a motivation rut, I stick with it. I ask myself how I will feel after I finish the workout. And the answer is always that I will feel a lot better!”

So has this inspired you to want to get in shape? Get Results and get fit! #RuntasticResults


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