“Results Has Become Part of My Routine”

Fit man is mountainrunning.

“I usually work out with Runtastic Results five days a week. And when I finish the follow-up plan, I will take a short break – and then start all over again from the beginning,” said Hannes Überall during his interview at Runtastic headquarters. For the 55-year-old physical education (PE) teacher from Austria, bodyweight training has become an integral part of his daily routine: “When I come home from school, I do my workout before eating lunch. In the meantime, it has become a regular part of my day.” The fact that the training plan is integrated into an app and doesn’t require any equipment to do the individual exercises makes it ideal for Hannes. “I don’t have to think long about what I have to do.” He laughed and added, “I have a plan and I just follow it.”

Athletic man doing bodyweight training.

Dedicated PE teacher
You can tell right away that Hannes is an enthusiastic PE teacher. A good example is the way he constantly tries to find new ways of motivating his pupils. “I thought to myself: If I like doing Results, maybe my pupils would like it, too.” That’s when Hannes got his 13- and 14-year-old pupils started with the Results training plan.

School class is doing a bodyweight training.

He works out together with his pupils mostly twice a week. The pupils really like the change from the normal lessons. “The majority were very enthusiastic and motivated. Everyone did the best they could do,” said Hannes. “Often, we just did Results before the normal lesson. For me, strength training is a great way to warm up.”

School class is doing a bodyweight training.

Stronger through bodyweight exercises
When Hannes is not teaching PE or doing his Results workouts, the 55-year-old loves bicycling and mountaineering. “But I’m not a big fan of high difficulty climbs,” he added.

Hiker is enjoying the beautiful view from the mountain.

Mountains – there are plenty of those in Hannes’ hometown of Kitzbühel. This year he once again conquered the Streif ski run: “Vertical Up” is the name of this unique event. “The goal is to conquer the Streif, which spans 3,312 km and 860 vertical meters, vertically and as quickly as possible.” This year Hannes hiked up the downhill run in record time: Last year, it took the 55-year-old 50 minutes, but this year he made it in 48:26 minutes.

Man is running downhill in the forest.

Results was a great preparation for this challenge. “I noticed that Results helped me strengthen my entire body and improve my endurance. You can achieve significant power gains through bodyweight training, which in turn increase your stamina.”

Motivation to work out
Naturally, there are also times when the PE teacher has to force himself to do a workout. “Of course, you are not always in the mood – that’s normal. But when I’m feeling lazy or having a bad day, I do my bodyweight training anyway. On these days, I tell myself that there is no time pressure. Even if it takes me a couple minutes longer, who cares. Then I take a short break between workouts and by the next time everything is fine again,” explained Hannes.

Athletic man doing bodyweight training in his livingroom.

A proper diet is key
Since Hannes has been following the Results training plans, he has also been paying more attention to his diet. For instance, the 55-year-old doesn’t eat before his workout. “As I said, I always do my workout right after school. In the morning, I have only a small snack and a yogurt drink. I don’t eat lunch until after my Results workout. Since I have been doing Results, I’ve lost a good three to four kilos. And my muscle quality has definitely improved – I’ve made huge gains there!”

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