Rocking the stage with runtastic: David Feito of "El Sueño de Morfeo"

Have you ever imagined what it would like to be a rockstar and an athlete at the same time? David Feito, guitarist in the successful Spanish band, “El Sueño de Morfeo,” which will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and of “The Ivid Band,” rocks out on the stage and stays fit with runtastic in the process! Check his interview in which he shares with the runtastics his rockstar-athlete lifestyle combo:

David Feito

1. Normally when we think in a pop-rock band, the first thing that comes to mind are guitars, drums, microphones, and so on – but not a pair of running shoes. When and how did you decide to include running as a part of your lifestyle?

Well, even though sport has always been my passion, my routine was always limited to football. I have always played on football teams and that was my way to stay fit. After an injury, I started to recover through the typical continuous run and that was when “running” caught my attention and it’s been my inseparable travel companion since then. That´s why, when I start packing, the first thing in the suitcase are sport clothes. Additionally, it is awesome when you are on a tour and you have the chance to run in new, different places. It is the perfect mix of exercise and discovery in new locations.

2. Why is it important that celebrities include outdoor sport in their tight schedules? What is your motivation?

For me, it has been part of my lifestyle for years. I need a healthy body for my mind to stay healthy. Physical activity for me offers everything from therapeutic and psychological benefits to just pure fun.

3. Have you taken part in some races, which you have exceptionally enjoyed?

I don´t take part in races regularly, but I have run a 10K. But I must say I am really tempted… I would have liked to take part in the Behobia race this year, but it was complicated. However, in the near future I would love to prepare to run a marathon.

4. Music is clearly your passion. What is your favorite music when you train?

One of the great advantages to running is it gives me a “moment” to listen to new records. As a musician, I love to be up to date on all the novelties and as a music lover, I can´t stop buying records. Running allows me to focus on the music, it helps me to engross and lose myself. Even though I have my hardcore playlists, I have also learned not to lower intensity when a ballad is playing! LOL. I think I wouldn’t be able to complete 2 km without music!

5. Do you take the chance to go running in your free time when you are on tour with the band? What are the places that you have enjoyed the most?

I have tried to create a routine when we are on a tour, to allow time for running. Even the running  spirit has been spread to my road manager and to some conductors! Haha. So, it usually goes: soundcheck, running, and then the concert! (and in the dressing room: actimel … oh my god… rock&roll is dead!)

6. What tips would you give to your runtastic fans to stay fit and healthy and not lose motivation?

I sincerely recommend a visit, from time to time, to a sport medicine specialist. I have had the wonderfurl experience of meeting Dr. Manuel Rodriguez at the institute, “Vida Sana,” in Las Caldas, Asturias. Analyzing my potential, stability, tread, heart, etc., has allowed me to learn about my weak points and my strengths. In a very short time, I improved amazingly, and not just in running. I find myself stronger and more secure in every sport I practice and I know where my injury points and potential lie.


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