9 Golden Rules for Holiday Shopping: How to Save Calories and Money

The holidays are approaching and the money is rolling in for most businesses. But we don’t only shop for gifts for our loved ones, we often get ourselves some treats too! Roasted almonds, cotton candy, warm sugary drinks and cookies seem to be the perfect companion for pauses during hectic shopping tours.

However, some simple tricks can help you save calories and money. We’ve gathered nine easy-to-follow tips to make your wallet grow and keep your belly and hips slim this holiday season!

1. Stick to your shopping list

We often treat ourselves with sweets & goodies as soon as all items from the list have found their way into our shopping cart. Resist temptation: Check items off your list and move towards the exit as soon as you’re done.

2. Bend down and save

The shelves in supermarkets are divided into three zones: eye, waist and knee level. Products placed on eye-level are the first we spot, which is why the most expensive brands are displayed there. By bending down you can save money. The products on lower shelves are typically store brands and cheaper items.

3. Only shop when full

Otherwise, you will buy more food than planned, because you are more prone to impulse purchases. You are much more likely to go home with a snack in your hand if your tummy is rumbling than when shopping sans hunger.

4. Empty your wallet before going to the supermarket

Make a grocery list and take just the money you need to buy your “must have” items.

5. Resist temptations

Supermarkets tempt us to buy sweets. We end up buying sweets we don’t actually want or which are not on our shopping list. We call these articles impulse purchases. Supermarkets place and present these items in extremely attractive and strategic ways. We are literally seduced to buy. The top impulse purchases at the market? Sweets and alcohol. Through skillful organization of retail space, extra lighting, mirrors and wooden shelves, supermarkets encourage us to make impulse purchases.

6. Establish a time limit for the supermarket

Set yourself the goal to spend a maximum of 10 minutes inside to make sure you only buy the things you really need.

7. Navigate clockwise

Have you ever noticed that we are led in a counter-clockwise direction around the supermarket? This delays our pace. Therefore, we have more time and opportunity to pack products, which are not actually on our shopping list, in our shopping cart.

8. Say no to buying in bulk

Take the normal package even though giant-sized packages are cheaper. You might not save money, but you do save on unnecessary calories.

9. Pay cash

Always pay cash at the supermarket. Paying with your credit card just encourages you to spend more and thoughtlessly buy unnecessary food.



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