Run for the Oceans: Join Us to Fight Marine Plastic Pollution

)The oceans are at risk: marine plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues in the world today. In fact, more than 150 million tons of plastic exist in the oceans today.(1)

adidas, Runtastic and Parley for the Oceans have come together to raise awareness: between June 8 and June 16, 2019, we are running for the oceans! adidas will donate $1 for every kilometer run, capped at 1.5 million US dollars, to the Parley Ocean School.

Lots of plastic trash at the sea

How can I sign up & participate in the digital run?

Runners around the world are coming together again this year to show their commitment to the cause, one kilometer at a time. Every run between June 8 and June 16, 2019, counts. Here’s how to support Run For The Oceans:

  1. Download the Runtastic app on your phone.
  2. Tap the Progress tab.
  3. You can select Run For The Oceans under Challenges. Click Join Challenge.
  4. Track all of your runs with Runtastic — every kilometer you run between June 8 and June 16th counts!

Good to know

You can, of course, run on your own whenever you want during this period and make great contributions. But if you want to connect with others and Run For The Oceans together, you can join the adidas Runners communities worldwide for weekly running sessions together.

Run For The Oceans: A group of runners joins the movement

Run and support the Parley Ocean School

adidas will contribute $1 for every kilometer we run together, capped at $1.5 million US dollars, to the Parley Ocean School: the money raised will support the Parley Ocean School Initiative in the Maldives.

The initiative is an environmental education program which educates and empowers kids to become the next generation of Ocean Guardians through immersive experiences in the environment we are fighting to protect.
With a wide variety of activities on and in the water, the program introduces youth to the underwater world and teaches them about the impacts of marine plastic pollution.

Out now: Podcast with adidas Head of Global Brands Eric Liedtke

Did you know that adidas is on an industry-changing sustainability journey? Listen to this exclusive podcast now to find out about Eric Liedtke’s ideas to fight plastic pollution around the world.

Join the Run For The Oceans events

adidas will also host three live events to make the digital Run For The Oceans campaign accessible to runners around the world. The kickoff event for Run For The Oceans will be on June 8, World Oceans Day. Here are the dates for the live events:

  • New York City (June 8)
  • Barcelona (June 14)
  • Shanghai (June 15)

adidas Runners also offers plenty of runs and activities in AR communities. Check the weekly calendar for your community and participate!

Let’s save the oceans together! Register for the digital challenge in the Runtastic app now.

Help us spread the word about Run For The Oceans by sharing the story on social media. The fate of our oceans is everyone’s responsibility. We’re all in this together. Let’s get running and start making a change!

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