Run Your Best Race & Pace Pt. 5: Running With A Partner Or Alone?

Training for a race, especially the longer distances, is a real challenge and requires much dedication and consistency. If you want to perform your best, you have to train like it. While you may think of running as a solo sport, there are benefits to both running alone and running with someone else. As you are training for your best race and pace this year, take the time to consider both options and figure out which works for you, and when.

Running with a partner

If you make plans to run with somebody, you are less likely to back out. Now, if you are training for a race you shouldn’t be missing your training runs – but hey, we are all human here. Maybe it’s your running buddy that is keeping you on track. For you newbies, this could be especially beneficial in the beginning to ensure you aren’t slacking in your training.

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Does your schedule only allow time for evening and night runs? Running with a partner is an excellent choice in this situation to ensure you are safe and less likely to be bothered. This is especially important for women. Increase the visibility of you and your partner during the night runs with a headlamp, safety armband & safety shoe clip.

Less boring long runs
Maybe your motivating playlist just isn’t cutting it during your longer, more tedious runs. Chatting it up with a friend while running can help make the time go by faster.

Time with your partner
Running with your significant other can provide some serious bonding time. Has the stress of work and life created a bit of distance between you and your partner? Reconnect during these runs – hey, maybe even train for the same race together. Set a common goal and go for it – together!

Running Alone

I want to be alone
Maybe you feel as if you are constantly doing things for others and running is your time to unwind and let off some steam – by all means, go for it! Heading out for your training runs can be a great time for you to get in touch with yourself and your feelings or even going for a meditation run.

It’s time to get serious
When you have a time goal in mind or are doing some speed drills, you may just need to be alone and focus on reaching your goals. That’s okay, taking the time to do these drills will really help improve your overall performance. Don’t be afraid to tell your running buddy you want to run alone today if you feel like you need to.

Mind body connection
During these solo runs you are really able to listen to your body and pay attention to how your body moves and feels. Maybe your hamstrings and calves are feeling a bit tight and need some extra stretching or foam rolling, or maybe your stride is just perfect and you want to make a mental note of it – this is your time.

It’s your race
Running alone gets you ready for race day – the race only you can run for yourself. Trust yourself to get you through the rough patches & learn to push through the tougher miles/kilometers with the power of your own mind.

What do you prefer, running alone or running with a buddy? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear why you prefer one over the other.


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