Running ABC Videos: Improve Your Technique To Perform Better

It’s easy to boost your running performance with the right exercises. We’ve resolved to help our Premium members get into their best shape. That’s why we provide them with over 70 free instructional videos in which running expert & coach, Sascha Wingenfeld, presents a variety of exercises to improve running technique. In three categories – Stretching & Flexibility, Coordination Training and Strength & Stability for Runners – you’ll find lots of helpful tips and instructions on how to run faster, increase your strength, and prevent injury. Watch & learn… and you’ll soon see results.

Videos for everyone, from first-time to passionate runners
The Running ABC videos provide support for beginners by facilitating them an easy start, equipped with the right technique. The exercises for your ideal running form help you run with the best technique right from the start; however, passionate runners will also benefit from the wide variety of coaching videos, especially when in a rut, or when wanting to sustainably improve performance. Sascha’s tips are just what you need to succeed.

Stretching & Flexibility
Stretching after a run not only prevents injury, but can also benefit your muscles. Regular stretching improves your flexibility while strengthening ligaments and tendons. If you’re not yet convinced, let Sascha explain why stretching plays a vital role when it comes to improving your running performance.

Strength & Stability for Runners
Strength training should be an integral part of your training if you want to optimize your running style; however, it’s not often found on a runner’s priority list. Strength training is not only for those who want to grow their biceps, and by including regular strength training sessions in your workout routine, you’ll improve the muscular stabilization of your joints while reducing the risk of injury. Plus, your running economy will also benefit from a stronger body. Our Running ABC videos include several easy exercises to help you boost your running performance.

Running technique
Butt kickers or running high knees are just two of the most popular exercises you’ll find in our Running ABC. Even so, many runners don’t really know what to watch out for, or focus on while running. Become a Premium member now and benefit from lots of different exercises shown by Sascha Wingenfeld. Try them out and watch your performance get better & better!

Run for a stronger body
Regular runs also increase your maximum breathing volume and improve your breathing economy. Blood circulation to your muscles will improve, you’ll feel less tense and are less likely to suffer from injury. Need even more reasons to run? Here you go.

Have you already watched our Running ABC videos? Let us know if you liked them – we’re eager to know how they helped you!


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