Run Your Best Race & Pace Pt. 1: Running, Cross-training & Intervals With Runtastic

Are you already fantasizing about the start of racing season? Have you signed up for any extraordinary races in 2015? Know you will be running some races this year – but haven’t even considered any form of preparation yet? Well, whether you are a marathoner or 5k-er, it’s time to bring training out of the fog and into your mind as we have much to cover in this blog series in order to make 2015 your best racing year yet – maybe you’ll even set a PR! Let’s start with some tools to build a solid foundation.


Where am I? How far, how fast, how long

The Runtastic App is an excellent tool that, at minimum, can be used to track your runs and provide you with valuable data such as speed, duration, elevation, calories burned and even provide a mile by mile (km by km) comparison. This is the perfect way to identify your baseline data, ensure you aren’t starting out too ambitious as well as to monitor small improvements – especially during the early phases.

Just keep running, just keep running

Ever feel like your run is taking forever? Does each mile (or km) feel like 10? This can happen to pros and beginners alike, even while listening to their favorite play list. For this, we have Story Running. Story Running is an incredible tool within the Runtastic app to help transform your tedious run into a spectacular journey. With themes such as adventure, fantasy and motivation, you are guided through an intense interval run that is disguised as a story. Say goodbye to boring runs, forever!

Cross training to improve your runs

While running to improve your runs seems like the most logical thing, that can easily lead to overtraining and even injury if you are not cross training. What is cross training? It’s when you do other types of training or sports in order to improve performance in the main sport – in this case, running. Strength training is an excellent form of cross training for runners, especially when it comes to the legs and glutes. Strengthening of the lower extremities is essential for runners to reduce injury and improve performance and the Runtastic Squats app is the perfect tool to train at home using only your smartphone or tablet. In addition, we also have the Runtastic Push Ups and Six Pack app to strengthen the core and upper body thus improving overall fitness.

I need a plan

Are you a beginner who needs step by step guidelines while training for your race? Have you ran many races before, but are looking to run your fastest half marathon? The Runtastic app has expertly developed training plans for from beginners to long distance runners that will help you reach your desired distance in your desired time frame. Runtastic is with you every step of the way.

Traveling and staying on track

Let’s face it, some races require months and months of training and you can’t assume you are going to be in a well known area every time you need to go out for a run. For these inevitable situations, Runtastic Routes. You can find a route in an unfamiliar area created by other Runtastic users, or create your own based on the distance you need/want to run. No need to stress about business travels or personal vacations- there’s always a Runtastic Route for you.

Are you gearing up for a race in 2015? We would love to hear about it in the comments below as well as your preferred Runtastic tools to get you in tip-top shape for running.




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