Free Running Guide (PDF) >> 30 Common Runner’s Questions Answered

Getting ready for your first run? Or maybe for your first marathon? Every runner is different. But we all share some common challenges, wishes, and sometimes even problems.

As a runner, you must have asked yourself at least one of these questions…

  • Why do I get side stitches?
  • Should I breathe through my nose when I run?
  • How often should I run to lose weight?

The following guide will answer your most common questions about running and running-related topics.

What’s in it for you?

30 questions divided into 4 core topics: Running, Weight Loss, Running a Race, and Injuries. Quickly discover relevant content with the help of easy browsable icons (nutrition, strength, workouts, beginners).

Download the free guide for runners now and…

  • … learn how to become a better runner with educational advice from experts
  • … get nutrition advice to fuel your runs
  • … get tips on how to prepare for your races
  • … find out more about common running injuries and what you can do about them
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