5 Reasons Why It’s Perfect to Run in Fall

Run in fall

If summer bodies are made in the winter… then runners are made in the fall!

Whether you’re starting out or looking to train for your new PR, fall is a great time to run – for beginners and advanced runners alike. And here’s why:

Reasons why you should run (more) in the fall:

1. Use the perfect PR conditions

Goodbye sunny days, summer is over. But on the bright side…so are the sticky, humid days of exercising outdoors.

The temperatures drop in the fall, making it an ideal time to run outside. The humidity and heat won’t cause your body extra stress. You won’t get dehydrated so quickly. All in all, your running performance might noticeably improve thanks to better weather conditions. So don’t be surprised if you unintentionally happen to set a new PR for your 5k!

2. Don’t miss out on the amazing scenery

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

Albert Camus

Crisp mornings and cool evenings. Carpets of fallen leaves. Bursts of color waiting for you as you turn the corner. Nature in the fall is as exciting as in the springtime. It’s a shame we sometimes let it pass without noticing, as we are getting back to our routine…or still daydreaming about summer.

Making a habit of running in the fall will help you discover all the beauty of your neighborhood, as well as the surrounding trails in the mountains and woods. Why not let your dog run with you, too?

3. Take advantage of new training options

Trail running and cross country running start their seasons in the fall. Whether you’re more of the competitive type or just want to explore, now is the right time to swap the road for the trail. Ask around for a local trail-running club or group of enthusiasts and let them guide you on your first runs.

Good to know about off-road running:

Mixed terrain provides excellent variety for your training! The grassy and muddy hills challenge your coordination and strength. However, be careful. Find good trail running shoes and avoid exhausting yourself, as the lack of control might make you more injury-prone. Learn more about different running surfaces.

In addition to off-road running, fall is the time for base training. This is the main reason why runners are made in the fall (and winter). Want to lay a good running foundation for a whole year? Start your training plan in the adidas Running App.

4. Start a new routine

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Classes start in September. Sport season begins. It’s as if September is the actual start of the new year. Ever since we were kids we have been accustomed to going back to our routine in September.

That’s why fall is the best time to start running. Making running a habit will be much easier once it’s a part of your routine. And now is the time to make this decision. Need motivation? Check out how to fight 7 common runners’ excuses. And don’t forget to read 3 important tips for your first run before you head out the door!

5. “Treat yo self”

Getting under that warm blanket feels so much better after a refreshing outdoor run. Especially when it’s raining. And it’s even more if there’s a tasty fall dessert waiting for you when you get back. Made with seasonal ingredients, of course.

Eine Tasse Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin, apples, sweet potatoes, blackberries, and pears are in season in the fall and can be a great base for a healthy dessert or full meal. Find out about the health benefits of some common fall foods. Learn how to buy and store pumpkin and why it’s so good for you. And don’t forget to make your own pumpkin spice latte with this simple recipe.

Finally, there are so many little joys to look forward to when running in fall. Splashing through the puddles and then coming back to a warm shower. Stepping on crunchy leaves along the road. And last, but not least, the smell of the coming winter in the air.


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