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by Jennifer Thomas, adidas Running Business Unit

Finally summer is here and I can go for a run and enjoy the nice weather! But the first runs in the heat are always difficult and I need to get used to it. In summer, I usually plan my runs either early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the heat. Before my run, I protect my skin with some sunscreen and I drink a lot of water. If I am going on a longer run or it is very hot, I will even carry a water bottle with me. Additionally, the proper running apparel is crucial. You don’t want to head out for a run only to realize you’ve chosen the wrong fit or fabric. Here are some things to look out for…

Man running on the beachGet the perfect running gear!

1. Avoid cotton!

The apparel and footwear that you choose can either make or break your run. I think one of the worst experiences is to go out for a run and be completely overheated and sweating because you chose the wrong outfit. There’s one rule that everyone should be aware of: COTTON HATES SUMMER! The only thing you definitely don’t need when it’s warm outside is a material that absorbs your sweat, and cotton does that. Therefore, opt for more appropriate fabrics that will let your body breathe, such as synthetic materials.

2. Wear gear that adapts and performs

I love to wear a tank and shorts when the weather turns warmer – especially when I run.  Add in a sports bra and a great pair of trainers and I am ready to go. I choose synthetic materials because I feel more comfortable in clothing that dries quickly and lets my body breathe while I run. I love adidas’ ClimaCool technology. The garments pull sweat away from your body and increase micro-ventilation through strategically placed mesh panels.  The sweat and moisture is transported away from your skin keeping you dry and comfortable. I love a tank because it helps to keep me cool in the heat. Running tanks are made from lightweight breathable fabrics and cut in a way that the fabric moves with your body instead of against it. A running tank will be a bit longer in the torso so that it stays in place giving you effortless movement. When I choose my running shorts I always consider if the product has everything that I need. Is there a pocket for my key and my lip balm? I like a flat waistband that flatters my stomach and hips. The right length will not only flatter your shape but also keep you from chafing. And of course a moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry and move the moisture from your skin.

Woman running near the beachFeel better, look better! Add style to your workouts.

3. Sports bra support

For girls, never forget to wear a good sports bra! This is one of the must have pieces for women. You don’t want any distractions while you are running and the right sports bra is critical for your comfort and your health. Make sure the bra holds you in place but still allows you to take a deep breath. I love the Supernova Bra with its cross back straps. It gives an adaptable fit by allowing the straps to adjust to the individual body types.

4. Trainers to boost not distract

Last but certainly not least is the right running shoes. Running shoes are a very personal choice and once you find the right shoes you will never want to give them up. Great shoes help the kilometers to go by a little smoother and a little easier. They should give you a boost in your step and never distract. When choosing the right shoe you need to consider the type of surface that you are running on. Is it mainly streets, trails or the track? How often are you running and for what distance? Are you training for any specific goals? Also consider adapting your footwear to the weather, terrain and temperature. Not all running shoes are created equally and choosing the right footwear will allow you to forget about the run, enjoy the sights and the music and get into the zone. I am an UltraBOOST girl all day long. For me they are perfect from the first kilometer to the last. They give me an extra boost of confidence and help me to get out of the door even on the hottest days.  

Now it’s time to enjoy the summer and of course the run!

About Jennifer:

Picture of Jennifer Thomas.

Jennifer Thomas is the Senior Director of Concepts to Consumer Running at adidas. “I was a two time All-American heptathlete at the University of Oregon and started at adidas directly out of college to continue my passion for running,” Jennifer said. In the 18 years that she has been with the adidas Group, she has had the unbelievable opportunity to work in Global Sports Marketing, Merchandising and Concepts to Consumers. “We continually rethink, reinvent and reimagine the running experience to provide the best from product to retail experiences to events. I’m proud to be a part of the team.”



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