New Sharing Feature + Tips for Your Best Running Selfie Ever!

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You’re running your favorite route, the runner’s high is real and you can’t get the smile off of your sweaty face. If only you could share this amazing feeling with the world! Or at least with your social media followers… but taking a good running selfie is not about luck, it’s about skill.

To celebrate the new social sharing option in the Runtastic App, we asked our social media experts for tips on how to take a perfect running selfie.

New feature: Instagram sharing

With this new feature, you’re able to take your selfies to the next level! This way, your followers can really see how much work you put into by showing your personal photo with the activity stats, running route, and so much more! Yawwwwn!





Have you tried it yet? Read the tips below to get inspired. Don’t forget to tag your selfies with @runtastic and use our hashtag #runtastic for a chance to get featured on our Instagram account!

Rock your post-run selfie with these 4 tips

Here’s what you can do to nail a perfect running selfie….

1. Go running with friends

It’s way more fun! And it’s the secret to the best running selfies. How running with friends makes your running selfies better:

  • Pose with a friend. It’s hard not to laugh when you’re posing with friends. And it’s contagious. That’s why running pictures with more than one person look happier and inspire others to get moving!
  • Two brains are better than one. When you suggest to your running partner to take a photo with you, 8/10 times, they will come up with a crazy idea to try out. Why not? Get creative and have fun together. Being unique and creative is more eye-catching than making the same old perfect pose. Your followers will love it and brand accounts will too. So your chance of getting reposted is higher!
  • Ask your friend to take the photo for you. No fancy setup needed and you still get a way better photo with the help of your friend’s feedback. Not a real selfie, but we’ll allow it 😉

2. Choose the perfect time of the day

Lighting is everything. The better it is, the more professional your photo looks. Luckily, getting good lighting is not so hard, here’s what to do:

  • Aim for sunrise or sunset. Also known as the “golden hour” by photographers and filmmakers, the natural light at these hours does wonders for the camera. Besides, running in the morning and evening both have their pro’s and con’s. Do you already know the best time of day to run for you?
  • Have the light source in front of you. Side lighting can be rather unflattering and back lit photos are usually low quality. Look around to identify the strongest light source and try to get it in front of you.

3. Think background first

Even though the background is exactly what it’s called – the back of the picture, it sets the tone for the whole shot. Here’s what elements to look out for when choosing the background:

  • Background noise. Is there a lot going on in your background? Too much detail in the background takes the focus off of the highlight of your picture – you 🙂 Choose a simple, clean background. One color or graphic pattern works best!
  • Scenery. Amazing natural landscape speaks for itself. If you are running through a nice landscape, choose the best part of it and let it tell a story about your run. Urban landscapes can look great, too. Cool graffiti or architecture can make your whole photo stand out!

4. Don’t do a “selfie” selfie

Finally… a perfect running selfie is a bit more than just a selfie. Actually, it’s a “runfie”.

Taking a front camera selfie of your face is the easiest and quickest option. Nothing wrong with that! However, that’s why you see these all over your feed, which makes it hard to stand out. When you have more time, try to mix things up with this advice:

  • Think about the angle. Consider the angle that your photo will be taken. Sometimes a lower angle makes you look more epic, other times it gives you a double chin. Experiment and you will soon learn what works for you. Remember, even if you just show your shoes or your smile, the background can still be interesting. Play with it!
  • Use the timer option on your camera. If you have time for a quick setup, use a timer. Not only will it give you more time to strike a pose, but the quality of your photo will higher than taking a front facing camera selfie.

Okay, now it’s your turn! Don’t forget to tag your selfies with @runtastic and use our hashtag #runtastic for a chance to get featured on our Instagram account!


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