Running to Feed the Hungry with Women’s Health RUN 10 FEED 10

By Andrea Minski, Latina Action Hero from Miami
TV host, journalist, mom and founder of “Mujer Balance”

Why the cause is so important:
The fact that hunger is one of the world’s most solvable problems, yet 48 million people in the US alone go hungry every year is mind boggling. It seems inconceivable that a developed nation with so many resources can have such an alarming issue with nourishment. As a TV personality in the public eye, it’s important to use the platform that has been given to me to raise awareness for such a noble cause. As an avid runner, I feel the RUN 10 FEED 10 campaign gave me the perfect vehicle to rally my followers to join forces with Women’s Health to make a difference in the world. Might sound clichéd, but it gives audiences clear and actionable goals to really help stamp out hunger.

TV host Andrea Minski, Latina Action Hero from Miami, is running for RUN 10 FEED 10.TV host Andrea Minski, Latina Action Hero from Miami

How its impact makes a difference:
As a journalist, I’m constantly bombarded by shocking events and negative news. World events can be disheartening at times, so it’s a breath of fresh air when a community can come together for positive change. I strongly believe that exercise can improve self-esteem, increase energy levels, help you stay healthy and doing it all while supporting a worthy cause is the icing on the cake. Often times, people have the most noble of intentions of starting an exercise regimen or training for a marathon, but busy lives and time constraints push those goals to the back burner. In the instance of the RUN 10 FEED 10 initiative, there are no excuses because you’re training for a cause much bigger than yourself. Filming my TV show in both Miami and LA makes it challenging to find time to train, to put it mildly.  Add kids into the mix and it becomes downright daunting. But my blog is all about striking the ever elusive work-life balance, so I have to lead by example. Hungry people are depending on you and throwing in the towel is not an option. Having an altruist goal puts everything we’re doing in perspective!

Andrea Minski is raising money for a good cause.

How you were able to rally your community for the cause:
Thanks to my personal social media channels and my blog, I’m able to leverage social media for social good to benefit the RUN 10 FEED 10 campaign. I am honored to have been chosen as a Latina Action Hero from Miami and strive to share the message about hunger in America and the races around the country on all the channels I’m active on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope. The feedback from my followers has been overwhelmingly positive. I encourage my followers to join me at the races where I’ll be so we can meet in person and make a difference together!

Your experience with the event:
I made it a priority to be in New York and San Francisco for the races and the experience was beyond what I expected! So much positive energy and camaraderie among the participants! Beyond the actual race—the beauty treatments, massages, yoga, stretching—it was impossible not to want to do more to support the initiative.

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