Running Without Limits… Pam Forster and Story Running

Discover the world on foot – several years ago Pamela Forster took this motto to heart but with a twist. Instead of taking up “normal” running, the certified sports scientist was drawn to something a bit more extreme: freerunning.

Photo of Pam Foster. A young, attractive woman with brown hair. She is standing on a roof terrace, behind her the city while sunset.

Freerunning from A to B
In this special kind of running, the runner attempts to find the most creative route from A to B. “Along the way, you have to conquer numerous obstacles. There are no limits to your creativity,” said the 29-year-old Austrian, who freeruns professionally. Pam already got the chance to introduce Runtastic users to this innovative sport in an episode of the Seal the Deal series. “That was an exciting experience,” said Forster.

Running? Not without my app
The passionate freerunner has now been using the Runtastic app for about four years. As a regular user, she is a big fan: “I downloaded the app back then – and ever since I can’t go running without it.” Being able to look back on her fitness activities is a huge source of motivation for Pam. “It is a good opportunity to keep a kind of running journal without having to do a lot.”

Tips for new motivation
The sports enthusiast offered the following helpful tips on how to motivate: “The best way is to determine where you are now and then ask: Where do I want to be by the end of the year? What goal am I training for?” Having a specific goal to work towards always helps the freerunner to stay focused. “For me, that is motivation enough. But, of course, a little after-run treat doesn’t hurt, too,” said Pam with a grin. “My favorite is a delicious homemade smoothie!”

Pam Forster who is going a cartwheel at the pavement of a well.

Improve your running performance with interval training
Pamela Forster regularly incorporates interval training into her routine to improve her basic endurance. “This is a good change of pace from my regular workout,” said the Austrian freerunner.
Interval training is really good for improving your running performance, but even it can get to be a little monotonous at times. “If you are looking to mix up your normal interval training, you should definitely try Story Running,” recommended Pam.

New Story Run: Experience “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst”
So are you up for a new, exciting kind of interval training? You can now enjoy the latest Story Run from Runtastic, which was timed to coincide with the release of the “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst” video game. Freerunner Pamela Forster had this to say about this fun workout alternative: “What’s really motivating about Story Running is the way it turns the runner into the protagonist of an adventure story.”

As you explore a futuristic city named Glass in “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst,” you also complete a 40-minute interval training without actually noticing it. “When the story starts getting exciting, of course you start running faster. And once you have mastered the challenge, you take it back down a notch,” explained Pam. In this way, you immerse yourself in the world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. “Without a console or a TV. All you need is a pair of running shoes, your smartphone and the Runtastic app.”

You too can explore the world on foot: Just open your Runtastic app, choose from the latest as well as 16 other Story Runs and take your running performance to the next level!

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