Have More Fun with Runtastic 5.1 features!

In March, we launched Runtastic 5.0 and we’re confident that you’ve been enjoying the incredible, revamped app design & navigation, along with a wide variety of new functionality!  In recent months, our team has been working at a blistering pace to deliver even more fun and Runtastic 5.1 features.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab your smartphone, lace up your shoes and try out one of these exciting new offerings during your next Runtastic activity:

  • Challenge a Run: Compete against yourself by selecting and challenging past activity results! If you were a fan of the ‘Ghost Run’ feature in the past, this new and improved feature is sure to become a favorite!
  • New Motivation Story Run: You’re aiming to reach your ideal weight, but need a motivational boost now and again? Look no further! Our all-new Weight Loss Story Run (available in the Motivation genre) is here to help you stay focused and keep on track. Download the incredible “Your Journey to Weight Loss I” Story Run today & have a listen anytime you need a little positive reinforcement!

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Get Runtastic 5.1 today in the App Store or Google Play.

You’ll notice a few additional tweaks here and there, as well, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback! Enjoy your next activity with Runtastic & remember to never stop moving 🙂

Happy trails,

Your Runtastic Team


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