Runtastic for Apple Watch: Your Favorite Fitness Apps on Your Wrist

The apple watch showing different Runtastic apps

If you’re planning on opening up one of your Runtastic apps for Apple Watch, and going for a run or a hike or getting sweaty with bodyweight training – here’s everything you need to know.


With Runtastic on Apple Watch, you’re able to use your watch as a 2nd screen while tracking your fitness activities with your smartphone, or as a standalone app if you just want to leave your phone at home. Each user can choose as they please, as we definitely got feedback from a lot of you that both are important features. Of course you can use your Runtastic app on Apple Watch for running, but now you can also track more fitness activities: walking, hiking, cycling, mountain or road biking. And with the standalone app, tracking your runs on the treadmill and indoor cycling (ergometer) workouts are also options.

Note: watchOS 4 & iOS11 is required!

Results app

Get your sweat on with bodyweight training exercises right from your wrist! You can use your Apple Watch as a 2nd screen for your Runtastic Results app and quickly see at a glance which exercise (or rest period) is next. Simply start the session on your phone and let your Apple Watch be your guide. You can do a workout in your 12-week training plan or try a Standalone Workout.


Apple Watch has been a big project at Runtastic and there was lots of buzz in the office in the run up to the launch. Our CEO, Florian Gschwandtner, said “We are excited to provide Apple Watch users with some of our most popular apps. We hope it will  our current users to use their favorite apps more often, and will intrigue people who never previously considered tracking their daily activities and workouts to become more active, live more consciously and lead healthier lives.”

Stay tuned for more Runtastic apps coming to Apple Watch in the future! If you’ve used any of the Runtastic apps with the Apple Watch then let us know in the comments below!



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