Runtastic App 8.0: Fresh New Design, Same Old Sweat

We are over the moon about the brand new design in our most recent Runtastic app update — Runtastic 8.0! It’s been a long time coming, as we’ve been hard at work on this new design for nearly a year! And now the curtain has opened, and you can finally experience it for yourself.

First of all, we want to let you know that we didn’t remove any features or functionality. Your favorites are here to stay. Our main goal with this update was to give our beloved Runtastic app a sleek and sexy new look that was easier to use and more intuitive to navigate. Here on the blog, we would like to walk you through the new design step by step.

New tab bar replaces the drawer

One of the first things you’ll probably notice is that everything you need to find within the app can be found in our new tab bar. In fact, the drawer menu (which was previously accessible through a small icon in the upper left-hand corner of the app) is completely gone — it’s been replaced by a more state-of-the-art solution. In the tab bar, you’ll see the five most important tabs: News Feed, Progress, Activity, Plan and Profile.


The new main screen on Android and iOS.

Now, let’s take a look at each of the five tabs one by one:

1. News Feed

Runtastic News Feed on Android and iOS

Here in the News Feed, not much has changed. You’ll still find all of the activities from your friends, relevant content to help you reach your goals and the ability to search for and add friends. Connecting with and seeing your friends’ activities gives you a huge boost of motivation! Be sure that you scroll through there and leave Likes and Comments to send your friends some love! It’s also worth mentioning that the News Feed is now available in the same place, with the same great content, in the following Runtastic apps: Runtastic Running & Fitness, Runtastic Results and Runtastic Me.

2. Progress

The Progress tab is the place to be, so you can become better than you were yesterday. In this tab, you will find a lot of detailed information on how far you’ve come:


Android and iOS screen

  • Recent Activities & History: At a glance, you can see your three most recent activities plus the option to add an activity manually (let’s say if you went to the gym or played tennis). When you click on “Show more,” you can check out all the Runtastic activities you’ve ever done! But, you can also filter these activities (i.e. running, cycling, walking, yoga, etc.) as well as the time frame (Week, Month, Year or All) to have a more specific overview.


  • Statistics: Let’s see those great stats! You might notice that the visible statistics in this tab are only for distance run in the current year, but if you click on “Show More,” you’ll be able to get a comprehensive overview of all your activities tracked with the Runtastic app (including manually entered ones). This is really cool because not only can you view your lifetime statistics, you can also compare last month to this month, last week to this week and last year to this year. Talk about some serious motivation for personal progress!


Here you can see your statistics (Android and iOS)

  • Leaderboard: A little friendly competition might be just what you need to keep your fire ignited! At first glance, you can only see the distance you’ve run in the current month. But, when you click on “Show more,” you can see where you rank in the running Leaderboard compared to your friends in general or even in specific groups you’re a part of. You can filter the Leaderboard to show this/last month or this/last week. Perhaps that will push you a bit more to lace up your running shoes even on those days you just don’t feel like it.
  • Yearly Running Goal: Ready to be better than YOU were last year? That’s what your Yearly Running Goal is all about! All of your running activities tracked with Runtastic, or manually entered after say a treadmill session, will count towards your goal! This is a great big-picture goal to keep you fired up throughout the entire year. And when you do finally reach your Yearly Running Goal, you better believe you can share that with your friends!


On Android and iOS: Set your Yearly Running Goal

  • My Shoes: Have you been running in the same running shoes for way too long? With Shoe Tracking, you do the activities, and we’ll do the math 🙂 Your running shoes don’t last forever, and a worn-out pair can lead to poor performance and even injury. Add your shoes (by clicking on “Manage Shoes” and then “Add” in the upper right-hand corner) and we will remind you when it’s time to retire them for a fresh new pair.

3. Activity


Select your activity on Android and iOS

The Activity tab is where the sweat and magic happens! This is where you should be if you want to start an activity (which is probably the purpose 99% of the time you open your Runtastic app). The biggest change here is the fact that the activity type (and the ability to change it) is no longer found in the upper right-hand corner but to the right of the “Start” button. When you click on this “Activity Setup” button, you are able to change the activity type, choose your favorite music or Story Run, select Routes and more! Voice Coach, Auto Pause and Live Tracking, which were previously found in the Settings, can now be found right here in the Activity tab, as well as workouts which were previously located on their own in the drawer. Makes sense, right? We thought so, too!

4. Plan

Training plan tab on Android and iOS

The Plan tab is where you can choose and access your training plan. Whether you’re running a 5K, 10K, half-marathon or want to get your body in bikini shape, we have just the plan for you! A plan is really critical when you have a goal. Without one, the goal can seem really overwhelming and like a giant leap. With a plan, you’re able to break your goal up into smaller, more bite-sized achievements.

5. Profile

And finally, in the Profile tab, you’ll find your Groups, Records, the Leaderboard and, of course,  you’re awesome profile pic (smile!). In the top right corner, you will see the settings icon where, as before, you can adjust your personal settings (units, privacy, notifications) as well as app settings (wearable and app connectivity and social sharing).


So, there you go — that’s Runtastic 8.0! We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we did creating it. Nothing says thank you like sharing the app (and its awesome new design) with your friends!

Runtastic 8.0 for Apple Watch

You might have noticed that we recently released a standalone Runtastic app for Apple Watch. However, a feature you all really loved, the ability to use Apple Watch as a second screen for your Runtastic app, was removed in the process. You guys spoke loud and clear, and we want to let you know your feedback is appreciated immensely and we are working towards bringing this feature back for you in December!

If you have any feedback you would like to share with us, you can do so here! We are always eager to hear which features are your favorite and which you would like to see in the future! We’re constantly striving to give you a 5-star-review experience!



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