Runtastic Apps That Work On Your Tablet

There’s an app for that, your tablet that is. When we talk about fitness apps we usually think about the latest and greatest apps for our smartphones, not surprising since going for a run with a tablet is less than ideal. While it’s become normal to bring a tablet to a concert, running with one hasn’t quite caught on…yet. However, some Runtastic apps are also available for tablets!

Runtastic Apps That Are Available On Tablets:

  • Runtastic Six Pack
  • Runtastic Butt Trainer
  • Runtastic Libra
  • Runtastic Push-Ups
  • Runtastic Sit-Ups
  • Runtastic Squats
  • Runtastic Pull-Ups
  • Sleep Better will also soon be optimised for tablets!

While fitness apps are generally aimed at smartphones since they’re somewhat more portable, tablets offer a bigger screen which is ideally suited to following a 3D avatar that is showing you how to perform an exercise.

This is exactly the benefit of using Runtastic Six Pack and Runtastic Butt Trainer on a tablet, as the 3D avatars guide you through each exercise and show you how to perform it correctly. If you’re using the iOS version of the Runtastic Six Pack or Runtastic Butt Trainer apps then they will also work with Apple TV! Turning your living room into your own personal gym with your TV acting as your big HD personal trainer.

Runtastic Apps Tablet


Our Fitness App Collection – Runtastic Push-Ups, Runtastic Sit-Ups, Runtastic Squats & Runtastic Pull-Ups – also works on tablets! Whether you don’t have your phone with you or simply your tablet is your preferred device, they work in the same way they do on smartphones. Make sure you have located your tablet’s proximity sensor before beginning your push-ups workout, or ensure your nose touches the screen if your tablet doesn’t have one. The other apps in the collection rely on the tablet’s accelerometers to detect the motion of the workout, so ensure to move enough when working out so the rep is detected!

If you’re using any of these apps on smartphones and tablets then don’t worry about having data all over the place, everything will sync! If you do a push-ups workout using your phone, then this will also show up in the app on your tablet.

Runtastic Apps Tablet
Sleep Better will soon be optimized for tablets too! Whether you prefer to use your tablet for sleep tracking or have it laying around in your bed anyway, then put it to good use when you’re asleep and track your sleep quality!

So there you have it, when thinking about what apps to download onto your smartphone to help you get fit and lead a better life, give your tablet some thought as it can also help you reach your fitness goals!





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