runtastic @ CES 2012 in Las Vegas

The consumer electronics show 2012 (CES) which is held in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, reaches dimensions which are hard to imagine. On Jan 9 2012 about 25 000 people were waiting for one of the over 4000 active cabs on the Las Vegas Airport. More than 140 000 people were heading to Las Vegas in order to join the CES either as exhibitor or as guest. Companies of totally different sectors are presenting their new products and announcements here in Las Vegas at the moment.

With our first own booth our team runtastic was starting into this amazing convention and was happy to find very interested people at the CES. The booth was very well visited throughout the whole day and people were excited to hear about the runtastic products. Of course team runtastic sneaked through the halls of the CES as well and we were totally excited to see the extraordinary booths and presentations of other companies. One of todays highlights was that runtastic CEO Florian Gschwandtner was allowed to present on one of the CES stages and could get a lot of attention on him and on runtastic. Looking foward to the next days of the CES 2012 and of course I will keep the runtastic community up-to-date.

Cheers from Vegas




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