How A Few Minor Tweaks Changed The Lives of Runtastics in 2017

“When I look back at what happened this year, I can only say “Wow!” It’s really incredible what we have achieved this year, and I’m super proud of the entire team. We had a lot of great and inspirational success stories, not only within our team but, of course, with our users as well. We’re prepared to go the extra mile again next year, and I’m convinced that we’ll provide our users with the best products and experiences. My personal goal for 2018 is competing in my first short triathlon. Let us inspire you to live a fit and healthy life in balance!”

Florian Gschwandtner, CEO

This year is going to be different. Something we keep telling ourselves all the time. And every year we are disappointed to find that the year has not really been that different after all.

But enough with the pep talk!

These Runtastics are proof that you can make tiny or even drastic changes in your daily habits, no matter the circumstances. And that this year can actually be different for you, too.

Focus on sustainable changes

Oksana joined the Runtastic family in early 2017. She has always been interested in being active and in being fit — no matter the cost. Before starting to work with us, she decided that a crash diet might be the right way to reach her weight goal. It worked in the short run, but the costs were high, and the physical disbalance hit her after following a too rigid training and nutrition plan.

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When she joined Runtastic, Oksana finally learned how nutrition impacted her body, and how she could keep her balance. She’s been eating (and living) in a very consistent way ever since and feeling better than ever before.

Add your training to your calendar and ask friends to join you

Speaking of consistency. Ana has always been an incredible runner, at a pace that makes most of us faint. Her ambition peaked when she decided to run a half marathon in 1:38. In order to stick to her rather strict training routine, she decided to not just add her workout sessions to her calendar (to have no excuses, regardless of the weather) but also train together with friends. Sticking to a healthy diet helped her to reduce her side stitches and even lose a few kilos before the training. The effort was worth it, as she managed to finish the Wachau Marathon in 1:37:51!

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A short workout before a tough meeting can help you stay focused

Just like Ana, our CEO Florian has to plan his workouts due to his really busy schedule. He prefers to work out early in the morning (between 6:30 and 7:00 am — so there’s hope for even not-so-early birds) or go for a run in the evening. Thanks to our workout friendly office (as well as our free gym access), Florian also recommends planning short and intense workouts before tricky meetings.

Runtastic CEO Florian Gschwandtner smiling into the camera

In general, you don’t need to lead a healthy lifestyle to work at Runtastic, but we definitely make it easy if you choose to. Be it in-house yoga classes, massages or fresh and healthy snacks every day — if you want to create healthy habits, simply stay in our working café.

Living in a healthy way is easier when you have colleagues who support you

This, as well as the support of his colleagues, definitely made things easier for our Creative Director Martin, who decided to go without sugar or alcohol for a total of 3 months. Motivated by the previous success stories of Florian (who quit caffeine for a month) and Jonathan (who quit sugar for a month), it was more than just a health challenge for him. By adding some exercise thanks to our 12-week Results plan, he was not only able to lose 4% body fat but more importantly feel way better in his body.

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This year has been different for so many more people. Start changing your own life with tiny steps and join the Runtastic community or even our Runtastic family. We are looking forward to having you among us.


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