Runtastic Fitness Report: New Design, More Motivation

Have you noticed that we’ve revamped our Fitness Reports? As soon as you sign up for Runtastic, you’ll find a weekly report on your activities in your inbox. Whether it’s one activity or five, whether it’s running, biking or sit-ups – the Runtastic Fitness Report shows your accomplishments in a nutshell. Premium members benefit from additional data, like the total distance covered in a week, calories burned & further details, as well as the possibility to easily compare them with your previous week’s stats.

fitness report

This section provides you with an overview of your past week’s activities. As a Premium member, you also see the total amount of time that you’ve been active, the distance you covered, and the calories you burned during that week. Plus, right below that you’ll find your previous week’s stats too for easy comparing – your progress at a glance!

The detail view, as the name suggests, comes with more detailed information on your fitness activities and presents them by activity type. Runners see the total duration and distance of their past week’s runs, with the individual improvement indicated as well. Analyzing those numbers will motivate you even more to give it your all & reach your goals. Get Premium now & benefit from detailed stats directly in your inbox.

fitness report

Compare your numbers week by week & give yourself a pat on the back!


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