Runtastic: Adding Business Value For Go Running Tours

Written by Lena Andersson and Robin Florax, Go Running Tours

How can Runtastic add value to our business? We will tell you why, but first let us tell you what we do…

We are a community of sight running providers called Go Running Tours (, that makes it easy for travellers around the world to book a tour go running with a passionate and knowledge local runner. Sightrunning is pretty much, what it says on the tin – a combination of running and sightseeing. It is the newest trend within the travel industry and even for many runners this is still a completely unknown phenomenon.

Like any business sightrunning providers do their utmost to provide good quality tours, that not only ensures a good reputation of their business but also of the sightrunning industry as a whole. We often see that it is the same people that go sightrunning in Paris, New York and Sydney, so providing excellent tours is of vast important.

Runtastic is a great tool for us sightrunning providers for many reasons. It enhances our customer experience, it saves us time and finally it helps us staying injury free.

Customer Experience 

runtastic route

As with any business, providing an excellent customers experience is the most important part of our job.  We could simply take the guest running and that would be it. Nevertheless, in order to provide an outstanding experience we do a bit more – we take pictures during the run, we track the route and finally we share this with our customers in an email after the tour. In short, we use Runtastic to enhance the customer experience due to below points:

  • It’s easy to share with our guests and provide them with a unique souvenir of their tour
  • It’s a good excuse to write a say “thank you for a good tour” to our guests
  • Guests can (and very often do) easily share the route on their social media profiles and consequently provide us with extra exposure

Time Saving

Some sightrunning providers have a team of guides that provide tours all through the year. Runtastic makes it very easy to quickly provide a guest with a “thank you for a good tour” mail, as the owner of the company can send the email as soon as the tour is finished, as it is then available in Runtastic. It sounds like a minor advantage – but trust us, this makes a big difference.

Injury Prevention

runtastic - training history

One of the biggest fears that all running tour providers have is the fear of being injured. An injury could mean painful runs, time consuming organizing of guides and worst of all cancelled tours. The majority of injuries appear because of running too much and too fast. It is sometimes difficult for tour providers to keep track of their mileage and intensity as our runs are dictated by demand, and that means all from last minute bookings in the morning to a long 25k run in the afternoon. Here Runtastic is an excellent as it provides an overview of our mileage and intensity making it much easier to manage tours and incorporate rest days.

As a final note, none of the above points are impossible to achieve with other devices, programs and a bit of coordination. What makes Runtastic so incredible good for us sightrunning companies is that it is one app that covers all our requirements. Therefore, while many see Runtastic as a great fitness app, we see it as a tool that adds direct value to our business.

Thanks for reading this far and if you would like to go sightrunning on your next travel, then you know where to look –

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