Runtastic GOLD: The best investment I’ve made in a long time!

I’m a 45-year-old male and hadn’t run a single step until June 3, 2013. One day, while staring at a picture of me and my brother, I realized I really didn’t like my appearance anymore. The worst thing about the photo was that my brother – who is eight years younger and had always been the heavier one – seemed less corpulent than me. There was just one course of action left: I had to weigh myself. And then I nearly fell off the scale in shock. At 275 lbs. on my 6’2” frame, it was simply too much!


So, I started searching for remedies, measures to improve my situation, and stumbled upon your fantastic program. I quickly decided to become a GOLD Member and also downloaded the Weight Loss Training Plan – the best-invested money I’ve spent in a long time. On June 3rd, I – a total anti-runner – started jogging and haven’t given up since! By now I go for a run at least three times a week, with one of my runs always being a 10k, so I easily reach a total of 22 to 24 km per week. One could say that I’m actually kind of addicted to running by now! And, of course, Runtastic is always by my side!

But, you know what’s best about all this? Thanks to running and to a change in my eating habits, I’ve already lost 66 lbs and get compliments from all sides. This makes me really proud and prompts me to tell everybody about your great app!

My next goals are to lose another 10 lbs. and then maintain my 200 lbs. Thanks to my weekly running sessions that seems totally doable now!

Dear Runtastic Team, thanks for everything!

Volker Reinhardt

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