Runtastic Success Story: “Runtastic transformed our lives!”

Me and Daniel have always loved doing sports. We met each other in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class 10 years ago. We fell in love and we have been together since then. Having someone to share my lifestyle with is amazing. It makes us more and more passionate and closer.

Unfortunately, 2 years later Daniel broke his collarbone during a class and had to stop training. I had to take care of him and started to train less than usual. Eventually we left our sport and healthy lifestyle behind. Our stressful work schedules and a busy life without sports led to us putting on weight.

After that, we moved to Europe in 2009 for a year to work and study, we really enjoyed the Italian food but it made us gain even more weight. When we got back to Brazil in 2010, we were a lot heavier than when we first met. Daniel was 118kg / 260lbs and I was 67kg / 148lbs.

We decided to do something about it. Find some stimulus, although at first it was hard to get out of our comfort zone. We started making small, but constant changes, in our lifestyle. We set some goals that we could achieve together. For example walking 30 seconds and running 60 seconds for 30 minutes 3 times a week. We felt so close and passionate again, like in the old days.

And then enter scene: Runtastic!

Runtastic Success Story

Runtastic Success Story

We started to run in a park near our home. At that time, we didn’t have any professional training plan and we ran the way we thought was right. Then we found Runtastic, an entire portfolio of apps and services with just the right tool for everyone. The Runtastic main app helps people lose weight by running, which was just perfect for us! Plus, there’s different, free Training Plans for Premium Members you can rely on to reach your personal goal.

Runtastic Success Story

With the help of Runtastic, we manage to track and analyze all of our running data which makes us feel more motivated. Daniel and I managed to lose weight while falling in love with running at the same time. Daniel lost 34kg / 76lbs and I lost 7kg / 15lbs.

It is not just about the weight we lost, but the idea alone of running stimulates us to push our own limits and what we are capable of. You start by setting your own challenges of distance, pace and difficulty.

Runtastic Success Story

Daniel has already completed 3 half marathons and I’m preparing to do my first this year.

Training together makes it easier and fun. When one of us is not in the mood, the other encourages the unmotivated one to run. Most of the time Daniel is the one who encourages me to run longer distances, and he stays by my side.

And I know that when I cross the finish line in my first half marathon, he will be there to hold my hand.

Runtastic Success Story

Find someone to do sports with you. It’s the best form of motivation, trust me!

Because of our passion for leading a healthy lifestyle, we decided to start a blog, DOCE DIETA, where we show how we lost our extra weight and give information about health and sport topics. We couldn’t write about it unless we kept practicing the tasks for healthy lifestyle. This is the way to be healthy.

Nowadays, running, healthy eating and understanding our own bodies are an important part of our lives. We would like to share it with anyone who needs some help on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone just needs some motivation and, in our case, Runtastic did a good job!

Thank you Runtastic!


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