runtastic iPhone V2.2 ready for download

Just a quick post to tell you that the new runtastic iPhone Version 2.2 is ready for download in the AppStore. We have included a new feature which was requested by our users that will not pause the iPod music when a voice feedback is played. You can activate this feature in the voice feedback settings by disabling “Pause Music”.

Here is the complete changelog:
✔ Voice feedback can now be also mixed with music instead of only pausing music

✔ Improved graph performance dramatically
✔ Improved startup speed
✔ Improved calories calculation for swimming and biking

✔ Additional info dialog was not updating values on server
✔ Renamed strolling back to walking
✔ Session was paused to early when battery was low
✔ Camera controls in geotagging view were not clickable
✔ Fixed problem when resuming a live tracking session


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