Happy Birthday! Runtastic keeps growing

“Wow, you’ve grown a lot” – people were telling us when Runtastic turned 3.

Runtastic Birthday

Recently, we celebrated our 5th birthday and have grown even more!

Runtastic Birthday

For our 5-year anniversary, we planned a quite appropriate celebration:  Like 5-year-olds like to do, we all went to a water park!  The whole Runtastic team enjoyed some splashing, floating and sliding time together, only interrupted by cheering glasses at the pool bar.  Yes, we totally incorporated this traditional part of any party (except we were raising the glasses in bikinis and boardshorts) into our 5th birthday celebration 😉

Since pool time not only made us tired, but also hungry, we finished off the evening with a group dinner.
What a great birthday party and fun team event!

Pssst: Runtastic keeps growing … www.runtastic.com/en/career


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