KiliTechTrek 2013 takes Runtastic to Africa’s highest peak

Mountaineer and blog author Francesco (SummitStories) and the rest of the KiliTechTrek 2013 team, a group a technophiles representing major companies from Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia, climbed the top of Mt Kilimanjaro to raise funds for a local non-profit organization. And they took Runtastic with them.


While making a big step towards their goal to raise money to help Amani Children’s Home -which supports homeless children in Tanzania- build a new welcome center in the city of Arusha with a capacity to accomodate up to 100 children per year, the tech-guys decided to rely on several Runtastic apps and hardware products to reach both their goal and the summit. They tested Runtastic’s core app, the Runtastic Altimeter app and the Runtastic GPS Watch during their ascent to the highest peak on the African continent (19,341ft/5,895m).

In the run-up to the trek Francesco already announced the planned use of Runtastic products to track their activity data on his blog: “Runtastic, the mobile health and fitness company whose products make exercise easy and fun, will keep us honest by tracking our progress step by step on the trail. We will be using the Runtastic mobile apps and Runtastic Gps watch to provide precise updates and snapshots of each milestone we reach on Kilimanjaro.”

Now that he’s back from this surely stunning experience, he provided us with detailed feedback on the above-mentioned apps:

We are delighted to hear that the apps were easy to use and very reliable. Francesco also proposed several improvements he would be happy to see included in the apps, like a feature to share one’s altitude via Twitter or the possibility to add different pictures per different milestone. He also noted that “the lack of proper phone connectivity severely limited the ability to transfer and share the data collected via Runtastic apps on social media”, yet the apps worked well in absence of connectivity but with a GPS signal available.Thanks for your feedback, Francesco. Keep changing the world!

Italian-born Francesco is a passionate mountaineer, climber and author of the SummitStories blog, started in October 2012, who currently lives in San Francisco and who decided to make a difference in everything he does.


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