Runtastic Movember: MoBro Update

Runtastic Movember

As you all may know, Runtastic has joined the moustache movement and become a part of Movember. A group of strapping young men from our team have been growing a moustache, to raise awareness for men’s health, since November 1st. We are now 2 weeks into the month, so here is an update on our Runtastic Mo Bros!


Runtastic Movember

What does your girlfriend think of your new facial hair?
In the beginning of the month, when I was clean shaven, my girlfriend was shocked because I looked like a young boy compared to what I normally look like with my full beard. My face looked so small, I reminded myself of Stewie from Family Guy. We went to IKEA shortly after I shaved and my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to play in the kids place while she went shopping — I laughed so hard!

Do you feel more sophisticated with moustache?
Yes, I also think it looks more masculine than a full beard. I feel like I should be sitting on a wing chair by candlelight, smoking a pipe while reading the Austrian constitution.


Runtastic Movember

Why did you decide to join the Movember movement?
While breast cancer campaigns managed to generate some important awareness already and the pink ribbon is a well known and received icon nowadays, there is little awareness regarding many other forms of cancer that need attention. Having taken part in the Movember movement in previous years in private circles, the opportunity to take this out to the public with my Motastic friends is just an upgrade! At last: I could well be affected!

Do you think you’ll keep the moustache after Movember?
I will keep it for a few days, as I have done in previous Movembers, but get back to normal soon. I’m bald, I need at least something to keep the wind out of my face!


Runtastic Movembr

What does being a Mo Bro mean to you?
For me it’s like being an ambassador. People ask “Hey what’s up with your weird facial hair?!”, mainly because I lack dense facial hair or hpi (hairs per inch), as I like to call it. But hey, that’s the perfect ice-breaker to start a conversation about Movember and what it’s all about. It’s all about opening peoples eyes and showing them that it’s not a taboo topic.

Are you used to having facial hair?
Yeah, I usually wear the typical “three-day stubble.”


Runtastic Movember

Are you used to having facial hair?
Not that much, but hopefully enough to grow my own “Rockstar” this Movember.

Do you think you will keep the moustache after Movember?
It depends. I will definitely think about it. Nevertheless, it will take a lot to persuade my girlfriend.


Runtastic Movember

Do you think you’ll keep your moustache after Movember?
I will go back to having a ruggedly handsome, unshaven “5 day beard.” After all, isn’t Movember about stepping out of your comfort zone so that your friends and family notice?

Do you feel more sophisticated with a moustache?
I do not. In fact, I routinely forget I have a moustache until someone points it out.

Follow the lead of our Runtastic Mo Bros out and donate to the Movember Foundation here!

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