Runtastic for Apple Watch: 2nd Screen and Standalone App

First things first: the 2nd screen feature is back!

We received a lot of feedback that you really missed the Apple Watch as a 2nd screen feature for your Runtastic app. When creating the Runtastic standalone app for Apple Watch, we really thought this was the feature you were looking for. However, we’ve realized that you want both!

Therefore, we have brought back the 2nd screen for Apple Watch. We really appreciate your feedback and your dedication to our brand. Please know that your feedback is really important to us and the only way we can make your experience the best one ever!

Runtastic standalone app for Apple Watch

We’re excited to announce that Apple Watch users (watchOS 4 & iOS11 required) can now enjoy Runtastic as a standalone app right on the wrist – yep, without bringing your phone. You might remember a couple years ago when we announced that you could use Apple Watch as a second (and more convenient!) display for your Runtastic app, but that meant you had to take your phone with you, too. While that was great and innovative at the time, we’re always looking to level up. Now as long as you’re wearing your beloved Apple Watch, you can continue to track your activities using the Runtastic app and leave your phone at home.

Tracking has never been so easy

Do you want to go for a run? Just open the Runtastic app on your Apple Watch and press “Start”’. Your activity type is already predefined as running, but you can always change it to walking, hiking, cycling, mountain or road biking. Additionally, running on the treadmill and indoor cycling (ergometer) can also be tracked with the Standalone app. When running on the treadmill, the distance is tracked via the step sensor on the Apple Watch. But if you are tracking an activity on the indoor bike, you will have to enter your distance and calories burned- manually after you’ve completed your activity.

As you’re heading out the door, you realize that it’s starting to rain a bit? No problem! Thanks to Water Lock, the watch face will be locked and raindrops won’t change your settings or accidentally stop your activity. Worry less, run more 🙂

During your run

After each kilometer or mile, your watch will vibrate and tell you how fast you’re going. If you would also like to check your heart rate, the value is shown on your main screen. If you swipe to the right, you can either tap and pause, stop the activity or activate the water lock.

  • Running/Auto Pause
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Heart Rate
  • Pace (replaced with Speed in kph for biking activities)

Your workout is finished – awesome!

You’ve successfully completed your workout. Of course, you’re interested in your stats, aren’t you? Analyze duration, distance, average pace and heart rate as well as calories burned. What else? As an avid Apple Watch user, you know about “the Exercise rings” and are probably eager to get them filled. The good news is that your Runtastic activities you’ve tracked count towards the rings – new for watchOS 4.

watchOS 4 & iOS11

One of many reasons we’re delivering this update is the release of watchOS 4. Especially for this launch, we’ve made it easy for you to share your activity details with friends. Just show your watch to your colleague (without taking it off or turning it around) and flip the watch face forward – the display and values shown will turn automatically. You’ll also see your activities in Apple Health.

We still support Series 1 and you can receive a GPS trace when using the 2nd screen functionality.  But please note that watchOS 4 and iOS11 is required for the standalone Runtastic app.

Good to know:

You will need both iOS 11 and watchOS 4 to use the Runtastic standalone app on your Apple Watch. However, those with watchOS 3 can use the 2nd screen functionality.

We hope you enjoy using the Runtastic app straight from your Apple Watch!


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