Running With Love: A Runtastic Route For My Mother

running map that looks like a heart

I am 41 years old, married and have 3 children ages 5, 11 and 13 years old. I am a passionate runner and triathlete. Since about 2001, I have been running regularly and take part in many competitions. I have done 5k, 8k, 10k to half marathon, and many more. In 2009 I discovered the triathlon and have participated in many at Olympic distances. My goal for this year is my first marathon in Frankfurt. I am already excited about it.

I am an Ambassador for the Mermaid Club, a club of mainly women, which motivates and inspires women to be active and participate in sports.  For Mother’s Day this year, everyone in the club planned to swim, run or ride a bike for all the mothers out there. This was a worldwide event so the starting numbers were sent by e-mail to be printed out.

running map that looks like a heart

I ran that day for my mother, who died suddenly in 1997 at the age of only 55 years. Unfortunately, she was never able to get to know my passion for running and triathlons. She also didn’t have the chance to get to know my children. Since I really wanted to participate in this action, but due to an injury could not run for too long, I ran out of the front door for an easy jog. After more than half an hour, I had to return because my knee started hurting again.

When I had looked at my Runtastic activity afterwards, I was amazed when I looked at the shape of my route-A HEART. This was not on purpose and very surprising. Since I am left with a lot of love for my mother. That made ​​me very happy.



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