3 NEW Training Plans in Steps App

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We’ve got training plans for running, bodyweight training and now to get you pumped to get more steps! We all have to start somewhere and, since walking has heaps of benefits, simply getting in more steps is an excellent place to start.

3 New Steps Training Plans

All of these training plans are completely customized for you based on your average steps over the last 30 days! Even if you haven’t used the Steps App before, the information will be taken from Apple Health or Google Fit.


The Plans tab on Android and iOS.

1. Walking for Weight Loss

This plan is for those of you who are ready to make a change, but running or other strength training exercises are just too much right now. That’s okay. It’s important that you start where you are…we’ll meet you there! Over the next 12 weeks, you can watch the weight drop off step by step! You can use the time to listen to a motivational podcast, release any stress you might be holding onto or invite a friend to walk with you.

Tip: The more steps you take uphill or up stairs, the faster you’ll start seeing results.

2. Step It Up

This plan is 6 weeks long and includes a mix of Steps and Active Minutes goals. This plan is perfect for those of you who are already pretty active, but need an extra kick in the pants to be consistent and stay on track 🙂 Rest and recovery days are included. You can reach your Active Minutes goals by walking continuously or by tracking an activity in your Runtastic app or Results app, for example – yet another amazing benefit of the Runtastic app portfolio. You’ve already got what it takes – now it’s time for action!

3. 30-Day Activity Boost

Kickstart your already active lifestyle by saying yes to 30 days of increased activity. With the 30-Day Activity Boost, you can quickly up your daily step count over a month to give yourself an extra dose of energy. There are no rest days in this plan, so you’ve got to keep moving the entire month! This is a great challenge to do in a group with your friends or colleagues.

If you’re not sure which plan is best for you, take the quiz to find out!



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