Runtastic Success Story: Bye Bye, Overweight – Hello, Fitness!

My name is Ralph Rausch, I’m 26 years old, I live near Düsseldorf, Germany, and my work mostly ties me to my desk.

I’ve always loved food and eating and I didn’t just eat the healthy stuff.  That’s how the additional pounds started settling in.  Due to my height (I’m 6’4’’) and because of my clothing, people didn’t notice that my hips were getting bigger and bigger at the beginning.

Runtastic Success Story
Eventually, around mid-March to early May, more and more colleagues and friends started making comments such as, “Now, you seem to be enjoying life.” By mid-May, weighing in at 227 lbs (103 kg), I decided I needed to DO something!  Step by step, I changed my nutrition and cut down on carbs.  Plus, I started running again.  Thanks to Runtastic, my timeline made me realize that my lap times were getting better and better.  That was so motivating!  I suddenly didn’t just want to lose the extra pounds, I also wanted to improve my performance.  The challenge to beat my own time helped me improve my pace and lap times almost every time I went out for a run.  Currently, I weigh 187 lbs (85 kg) and I still try to go and run every other day.  Due to a knee injury I was forced to take a 1-month break from running, but I used the Runtastic Sixpack app to keep up my form and fitness.  Now, I am slowly easing back into my running routine.

Runtastic helped me lose 40 lbs, reach my desired weight and improve my overall fitness.

Thank you, Runtastic team!!


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