Runtastic Success Story: “Embrace Challenges & Live Life To The Fullest!”

The inspiring story of Sébastien de Sasseville:

Sébastien was 22 years old and living in his hometown of Quebec City when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He decided not to let his life be affected by it and embraced the difficulties he was going to face. He began running across Canada, a 7,500 km journey, which would take him 9 months. He did this to inspire, educate and empower people to live life to the fullest, no matter what challenges they may face. Sébastien ran with Runtastic and we are incredibly proud to share part of his story with you.

Runtastic Success Story

Q: The whole Runtastic Team would like to congratulate you on completing this incredible challenge! We would also like to thank you for your inspiring, courageous and exemplary attitude! First of all, when and how did this incredible idea come about?

A: I competed in the Sahara Race in 2012 and it gave me some confidence in my ultra-running abilities. When I got back I started to brainstorm on what I was going to do next. A cross country run was very appealing since it would allow me to connect with so many people. The message and the reason why always have been the core of what I do.

Q: You probably had a lot of fantastic moments, could you share one of your favorite moments with us?

A: Meeting people and experiencing just how generous they were. Arriving at the finish line was also memorable, 400 people were present, the media, friends and family. It was an unforgettable moment!

Q: There must have been really difficult moments too, what did you think or do in order to keep going?

A: Connecting with the reason why I was doing this and the cause I was supporting. Interestingly, it’s always when you are at your lowest point that something magical happens. An encounter, a quote or simply a song that gives you energy to continue.

Q: Runtastic was your partner during your whole journey, how did it help you complete your journey?

A: I sure looked at that watch a lot this year! It helped me set daily goals and measure what I was achieving. Keeping track of important statistics was also vital. Seeing numbers and being able to quantify progress is always highly motivating.

Runtastic Success Story

Q: How did you mentally and physically prepare for such a challenge?

A: I came into this from an endurance background (Ironman). I think time and experience also play a huge role, so humility and patience are very important. Learning how to recover and fuel my body over the years has been key. One step at a time! Physically, it was all about running well, not running fast. I spent a lot of time improving my running form.

Q: What and who did you miss the most during your long trip?

A: All the little things! Comfort, being at home and of course friends and family. I must admit that I miss being on the road now!

Q: What message would you like to share with all the people suffering from diabetes or other illnesses?

A: That with the right attitude, tools and diet, diabetes can be managed and that people living with this condition can and should pursue their dreams.

Thank you very much!

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