Runtastic Success Story: With Runtastic Against Overweight

Today, we have a rather short, but nevertheless inspiring and meaningful Runtastic Success Story for you:

“My name is Noah Bourdeu, I am from south Mississippi, and I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. In November of 2013, I weighed 297lbs (135kg), and I now weigh 232lbs (105kg)! How did that happen? Well, I have been running and using Runtastic to track my runs. I have also started competing in local 5k’s and even came in second place in my age group on one race!”


Congratulations, Noah!

Losing 60+ pounds within six months is an impressive achievement. Noah’s story perfectly illustrates that we often just need a little motivational push to take that first step towards a healthier life. We are thrilled that our Runtastic app reinforced his decision, motivated him to combat his weight and to pursue his goal.


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