Runtastic Success Story: 2 years, 255 lbs lost and 1 wedding later

After Lee asked his wife to marry him, he lost an incredible 172 lbs (almost half his total weight) and his wife lost another 83 lbs before they actually said “yes.”

Here’s their Runtastic Success Story:

“I would like to thank you guys at Runtastic!  Over the last two years me and my wife have been on a fitness crusade using your app.  I proposed to my girlfriend on top of the Empire State Building and now we’re married.  Two years ago I weighed in at 346 lbs, my girlfriend at 245 lbs, and we decided to do something about it.  So we downloaded the Runtastic app, joined the gym and got a dog.  Best thing we ever did!  I love the way you can log and see every calorie you’ve burned and how many miles you have done in a month.  That is so motivating!  We hit the gym hard and changed our diets to suit our new lifestyle.  In the picture you can see me and my wife on top of the Empire State Building and us on our wedding day a few weeks ago.  We are now at a healthy weight:  I am now 174 lbs and my wife is 162 lbs. We’d both like to say a big thank you to everyone who makes this app possible!”


We’re totally impressed by your story and picture – and we’re so happy we could help you!
Congrats on your wedding & weight loss story to the both of you!


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