Runtastic Success Story: Lose 132 lbs in 1 year

My name is Mahmoud and I’m 26 years old, here’s my Runtastic Success Story. One year ago I decided to take action after years and years of suffering from obesity.  At that time, the situation was a really sensitive subject for me because my weight was a real obstacle for me in many senses.  Sometimes taking a seat was torture, especially in narrow seats with armrests like the ones on trains and planes.  Walking was also torture. My legs would hurt and I would immediately start to sweat a lot.  Finding clothes?  Don’t get me started…

However, I’ve always been sporty and I always liked playing football or tennis with friends, despite my weight.   And in spite of everything, some of my friends told me that I had the soul and even the style of a sportsman. I refused any form of surgery to combat overweight because I wanted to do this “on my own”, by combining a diet and a sports program.  And then came August 9th, 2013– the day everything changed.

Runtastic Mahmoud

There were many factors which motivated me to start. First and foremost, I wanted to improve my quality of life.  This makes sense, right?  But there were many other reasons, too, as you can probably imagine.  Once you feel ready, thanks to all these motivational triggers, you have to find ways that will help you start from scratch.  I had to find a way to do sports and have fun doing it.  That was when Runtastic entered my life.  I thought:  Why not monitor my performance and evolution?  I had some friends that already used Runtastic and many of them shared their progress on Facebook, and this inspired me.

I decided to go running because I had tried this sport years ago for about a month and actually enjoyed it.  Plus, I thought it was the most efficient sport type to lose weight.  I downloaded the app and I found it perfect! It provided everything I needed, duration, distance, pace, calories burned… incredible!  Thanks to the app, I was able to track everything and see all sport sessions I did per week or month.  But the best thing was that I was able to optimize my efforts and make progress over the months.  When my performance was stagnating, I understood it was because I needed to add intensity to my workouts, that I could go faster…  and it worked! Now, the only thing I still need is the heart rate monitor for optimal control but, even without it I was able to make huge progress.  The Runtastic app is a true ally, as efficient as a running buddy :)I know that it is not the only fitness app out there, but I chose Runtastic and now I’m tied to it forever. It is more than a simple app for me, it’s like a brother. I can’t live without it anymore.

So, I am telling you all of this simply because I want to give back what it gave to me.  I needed to write this to thank you for your product that really changed my life.  More efficient than any gastric ring or bypass, it’s a must-have for all those who want to lose weight with sports.

Lose 132 lbs in 1 year? I did it and I will continue my fitness journey to slim down even more 🙂

Rutnastic Mahmoud

Many thanks again to Runtastic!  I love your work and I wish you all the best!


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