Runtastic Success Story: Paolo Radaelli

Hello!  I’m Paolo, 38 years old, and this is my story:

It all began on August 22, 2012, when I weighed myself and the scale displayed 102 kg (225 lb).  I thought, “If at 37 years old I’m already 102 kg, where will I be in 10 years?”

The next week, on August 27, I completed my first 4k run with a pace of 7:30 min/km.  I really made an effort and started running almost every day.  On December 31, 2012, I had run a total of 500 km and my weight had dropped to 78 kg (172 lb) – already 24 kg (53 lb) of weight lost!  After exactly one year, on August 27, 2013, I had run 1,400 km and biked another 600 km.  Now, I run two times a week on average, more or less 16 km, with a pace of 4:50 min/km. And, I weigh only 68 kg (150 lb).

29-01-2014 17-06-20

Thanks to your apps (I have all of them!), I am able to monitor my progress, which pushes me to do more and more.  I also paired a new lifestyle, including healthy nutrition and entering my various goals into MyFitnessPal, with running.  I did it all by myself, without following fad diets or buying “miraculous” diet products. Only thanks to my willpower and many sacrifices.  Today, I feel really good and I can say that I’m another person!

 Check out my body metrics and see for yourself:

29-01-2014 17-03-21

I must thank you for your wonderful app and I hope that my example will serve and motivate others, too.  Some of my family members and friends already started running, inspired by my results!

Paolo Radaelli

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