Runtastic Success Story: 258 + 2.5 + 3100 = 165

Time for another Runtastic success story, below is how Jörg did it.

As for most people, there was a certain moment when I came to realize that at some point something had to change – in my case when the scale hit 258 lbs (117 kg) in 2010.

That’s where it all began. I realized I had to take action if I wanted to continue with my hobbies. I had never tried a diet before, but I was familiar with the topic due to my family.

At first, I just gave up on my after-work beers and then completely changed my diet, at times much to my (perfectly slim) wife’s sorrow. No more sausages and fat, but crisp bread and veggies instead. I counted calories like a champ and shed pound after pound. Currently, I don’t eat any meat at all on weekdays and it really benefits my body.

Runtastic Success Story jörg

Then, a friend of mine recommended Runtastic to me… and the ball kept on rolling. “Come on, Jörg,” I told myself, “you’ve been playing soccer as a teenager – and not too bad! You’ve always had fun doing sports. Why not try it?” So I downloaded the Runtastic app and set off on my first run one evening. I kind of furtively snuck out of the garden and started running. Back this time my scale now displayed 198 lbs. I actually just wanted to try it out, see if it was fun. My first run was 2.5 miles… and have now I added another 3,100 miles to my training log.

My most awesome achievement so far has been the Leipzig Marathon in Germany which I finished in 4 h 09 min.

Oh and, by the way, my current weight is 165 lbs (75 kg). Okay, it might peak at around 170 (77) sometimes, but right now, post-marathon, my scale displays 165 😉

And things should stay that way!

I really want to thank Runtastic & its entire team. More than once it was them who motivated me to keep on going! Keep it up!


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