Runtastic Supports 1m50 Initiative

Runtastic joins the 1m50 campaign to encourage the respect between car and cyclist with the Runtastic Day.

1m50 is an initiative from Retto with the aim of raising awareness in Spain of the importance of respecting the 1,50m distance between cars & bikes on the road.

Under the motto “1m50 respect,” Runtastic encouraged and motivated their users to go biking on June 15th, the Runtastic Day, and do their bit.


So, on Sunday the 15th, the Runtastic users in Spain knew they had a date. They took to the road and biked a sensational 293,000 km!

Runtastic will donate these kms to this awesome initiative from Retto. However, it was not just a one day initiative, the goal is 1, 500, 000 km! You can continue to contribute and donate your kms individually to achieve this goal and raise awareness to the 1m50 that keeps you safe.

Join here:


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