Runtastic Teams: A Peek Behind the Scenes

When we Runtastics announce with pride that there are now more than 170 of us, what usually follows is the same astonished question, “Does it really take so many people to keep an app running?!” Well, strictly speaking, our portfolio now consists of 19 apps, a website and, of course, our blog. *grinning with pride*
Staying on top of all that requires motivated, intelligent, creative – simply, Runtastic – teams, a few of which we would like to present today that normally remain hidden behind the spotlight.

Quality Assurance – the Bug Busters
Finding bugs is the favorite pastime of our software testers. By running manual tests on end devices, they put our apps and features through their paces and also recreate problems reported by users, so we can identify and eliminate any errors. These tests are an important part of providing Runtastic users with trouble-free tracking of their physical activities. This work requires a great deal of attention to detail, if not a tendency toward perfectionism, as well as a good feel for quality to catch even the smallest bug. But the work of a software tester is never really finished – with such a wide range of different devices, there is always sure to be some nasty little bug hidden somewhere.

The Team - looking like Ghost Busters in white suits.On the hunt for bugs

Front-End Development – The Digital Stonemasons
Front-end developers are the sculptors of our web applications, without whom we would all just be staring at a bunch of raw code and data. “Front-end” refers to the interface of a software application that a user sees and experiences. It should be easy to use, react quickly and still look good. Piece of cake, right? Hardly! Our front-end developers need to be able to put themselves in our users’ shoes – after all, they are responsible for how users perceive and interpret our interfaces and are constantly looking for ways to optimize the Runtastic websiteBut what actually happens with the data that is entered quickly and easily thanks to an awesome front-end?

A man who is sitting in front of the computer.

Back-End Development – The Wizards in the Background
Our users’ data is stored and processed in a large database. Keeping things running smoothly is where the back-end developers come in: Using a fascinating jumble of numbers and letters, they make sure that all the applications can communicate with each other. What does that mean for us, who just want to go for a run? If the applications couldn’t sync with each other, we wouldn’t be able to upload our running sessions to our profile and analyze them, for example. Also, there wouldn’t be any backup if you lost your cell phone – in short, our back-end development team’s job is averting minor catastrophes every day.

A drawing from the whole team-They want to remain anonymous

Do you have what it takes to be a Runtastic? Then send us your application and become a part of our big family.


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