Runtastic At Tech Open Air Berlin

As some of you might have heard, Tech Open Air Berlin rolled around again late last week. Tech Open Air Berlin is a great, 2-day event that gathers some of the top minds in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship, science and the arts. While much of the Runtastic team was scattered throughout Europe last week on successful media tours, our Head of Growth, Mario, joined the #TOA14 crowd (and made time for a few business meetings with Berlin-based friends and partners) and shared a few of his favorite shots with us! Take a peek and consider joining in at next year’s event… We hope to see you there 😉

Tech Open Air Berlin

Tech Open Air Berlin… Now that’s what we call a great location.

Tech Open Air Berlin

Mario’s office for the day… Not too shabby.

SoundCloud Food

Healthy snacks available to SoundCloud employees… Awesome!

Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom… A gorgeous site from a walk through the neighborhood.


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